Shadowlands Intro quests

I’m totally unable to access Shadowlands on my level 51 hunter. The portal to Oribos doesn’t allow me to interact with it, and none of the NPCs appear for the intro quests that take you to the top of Icecrown. I don’t know if this is a known bug or not due to Dragonflight prepatch, but any guidance would be awesome.

There was another thread last night from someone who had several level 50s who also couldn’t get into Shadowlands. I was able to do it on a level 45 character, but all my level 50s got logged into sometime during the last 2 years & already have the intro quest. Seems like a bug since the portal doesn’t seem to work until you set up the other end in Oribos.

Accepting the Dragon Isles intro quests doesn’t seem to cause any phasing issues, either. I can still see Darion Mograine & co. in front of Stormwind Keep after talking to Wrathion & the others inside.

Yeah, all of the NPCs that would normally be in front of Grommash Hold are not there for me at all.

Shadowlands is just totally inaccessible for me at least on the alt.

Are you trying to access it with or without being in Shadowlands Chromie time? I wonder if you try the reverse of which one you’re in would help.

The other person I was talking to said it didn’t matter. The portal didn’t work either way & without the intro quests (which they didn’t get from choosing Chromie Time) there’s no other way to get there.

I’ve tried both. No dice either way.

Same issue here

One other possibility that just occurred to me is a mage teleport.

I did it but when I get to Oribos the content missions are not there