Shadowlands Havoc changes

The problem with havoc isn’t that the playstyle it has isn’t good or fun it is that the talents only prop up one playstyle. Momentum needs bloodlet back in place of cycle of hatred in order to function well. It feels clunky to try and fit just chaos strike and blade dance into the windows.

I think you are mixing things up, bud. Bristleweed Trap is a Hunter’s covenant ability, not Demon Hunter’s.

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well i did not mix up, it’s from wowhead HAVOC shadowlands talent calculator.
you can check it you will find it on demon hunter baseline abilities with Soul Carver.

It’s because I just looked it up on mmochampion and it’s in the Hunter’s covenant abilities.

It just doesn’t make sense for us to have traps.

Unfortunately, that version of Soul Carver has been in the spell database, complete with its 60s CD (in contrast to the 40s one that the artifact ability version has), since 7.0.3. It also displays in the BfA spell list. That’s not a new addition, unfortunately.

That one also shows up on the hunter list, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up there. That’s either their generalized ability available to everyone, or it’s simply misflagged and is supposed to be a hunter ability.

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Looks like it’s definitely official:

I was talking about datamined stuff in general :stuck_out_tongue:

I was expecting AoE target cap to stick already. They’ve tried it before, so there was little chance for it to not carry over this time. I hope they tune it better though, because there are some spells that just do not make sense to have a low target cap (like freaking Fel Barrage lol).

Oh, also, went and dug up a stream to check it, looks like the talent tiers in Shadowlands are, at least currently, set at levels 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50. So we’ll have full access to our talents during pre-patch, and it doesn’t look like they plan to remove a talent tier.

Are we not getting one at level 60? Because we should.

It’s kind of a let down to get to max level and have only rental abilities come our way in the “final” content of the game.

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Currently the only thing we gain directly within our class between 50 and 60 is Chaotic Transformation as a rank mutation on Meta at level 52.

That’s such a let down, unfortunately.

I think the last time I remember getting excited to hit max level was in MoP when we got the last talent row + Alter Time a bit earlier (I used to play mage). Kinda miss it, really.

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Though havoc may not have the most going for it right now, vengeance changes are looking sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the blade dance 1 sec dodge being removed? I was watching Trill’s stream and it wasn’t in the tooltip for blade dance anymore. However it did look like it was still in the tooltip from the datamined changes.

We will no longer be able to get two blade dance per demonic. I’m not saying this was hard, but it was part of mastering the spec that is now gone, making it even simpler.

I know a lot of people do not play the demonblades spec, but I’d argue we do have more then one talent set up, it is just that the demonblades spec was never spectacular enough on single target (what is was supposed to excel on) to justify running it.

Personally I enjoy the demonblades spec myself, I know some people see it as not their cup of tea.

Sure we will. 6s of Demonic, with a 9s base CD, means you need at least 50% haste (probably plus a bit for wiggle room on latency). Meta innately gives 25%, and that’s multiplicative, so we only need 1.5 / 1.25 = 20% haste to reach that point. That’s only 1360 rating in BfA, which honestly was reachable even in the first tier if you dedicated to it, and became trivially easy to hit by the second tier.

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looks like the dodge in blade dance is gone too boys

Really? That’s way too bad, for real. They could just remove it in instanced PvP and keep it for PvE.

Did someone confirm it on alpha, though? It still has the 100% dodge chance on the files.

Think about it though, are we going to stack that level of haste or will be gear crit verse? Right now we could get three blade dance per demonic but it would not be a dps increase to stack all that haste.

In shadowlands we will no longer be doing two blade dance per demonic because it would not make sense to stack that much haste.

Without Furious Gaze massively depressing haste, we’ll probably be using it again. If you recall, it was our best stat during Uldir, before Furious Gaze was added and massively reduced the benefits of static haste rating.

Crit is actually a fairly meh stat for us. We have no mechanics surrounding it, so it’s just a damage increase. It and Versatility are the fallbacks, they only became significant because of the distortion caused by Furious Gaze.

Tbh, I wouldn’t mind bonus crit chance increasing the refund chance of chaos strike since it is now 20%.
Edit: My reasoning is that haste is a stat that just feels good to play with high values even if it isn’t best. This change does a similar thing for crit once again like in legion. Since it would be bonus crit added to the 20% there would be a soft cap that was desirable rather than only stack crit.