Shadowlands flying lost?

First level 60, I got to oribos and I think I think did some quests out of order. I don’t understand what I need to do to gain flight. I tried switching fractions because the gate to the maw was closed in my main city to see if that would open the gate in alliance, but that just deleted my quest list. I can no longer get back to the maw from oribos or my capital city (Didn’t complete storyline there). Do I need to complete the campaign on all of the other shadowland islands to get back to the maw? Here is my quest list. imgur . com/8oD9aod

If you never played all the way through the Shadowlands storyline (going from Bastion to Maldraxxus to Ardenweald and ending in Revendreth) then you need to do that first. Once you finish that, you select a Covenant and work on increasing your Renown with that Covenant and you will eventually unlock flying.

IIRC, once you play through the Shadowlands introduction in the Maw and arrive in Oribos you won’t be able to get back to the Maw for a while. You eventually get a quest to go back there, I believe it’s after you select a Covenant. You can only access the Maw from Oribos; the portals in the faction capitals will take you back to Oribos.

Once you’ve played through the Shadowlands storyline once, you won’t be required to do it again on future characters if they’re already level 60. If you level an alt to 60 through some other means (BfA, for instance), when they arrive in Oribos they can skip ahead to the part where they select a Covenant.