Shadowlands Customisation Feedback

nelf females apparently didnt get body tats. so body tats for nelf females.

belfs need dark ranger customizations, runic and farstrider tats

forsaken need mustaches. they look awesome.

draenei need more than 1 eye color.

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if I’m not mistaken dwarf is similar. Incidentally I think this may be due to some of the tattoos styles being designed in a way that they run along the neck and would end up oddly “clipping out” (this is noticeable on the dwarf but atm the current orc tattoos don’t have this). Definitely think this should be a thing, I’d probably go as far as to separate face from body from arms simply because all are distinctly different UV map areas of the model universally. The clipping issues are fairly easy to resolve, the main concern at that point would be I think how textures are resolved for “samelayer textures” because there’s special transparency settings for tattoos vs. warpaints that can cause odd overlap darkening.

Quick edit: These issues with emission textures and transparencies were especially noticeable the other week with shiny space goats and zandalari.

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Here’s my list of things id love to see as future customization.

All races:

  • Scars.
  • Piercings.
  • Option to customize each eye separately.
  • Tattoos.


  • Jawless option for females.
  • More rotting face options (One with half the face missing would be cool).
  • Beards for males.
  • Good posture option for males.


  • Tails!
  • Option to choose mane color separate from fur color.
  • Good posture option for males.


  • Forest and Frost Troll skin tones.
  • Bigger tusks for females.
  • Ear customization.
  • Option to choose the color of highlights separate from the color of the rest of the hair on the new hairstyle options.
  • Beards for males.
  • Good posture option for males.

Night Elves:

  • Highborne jewelry.
  • Queen Azshara’s skin tone.
  • Leafless option for that one new beard males got.
  • Green eye color Malfurion has.

Blood Elves:

  • Jewelry for males.
  • Dark Ranger options.
  • The return of the body jewelry.


  • Tail jewelry for males.
  • More eye colors.
  • Broken horns.
  • Sliced off tendrils.
  • New body type for males that makes them look less like a refrigerator.


  • Dragonmaw options such as the pure yellow eyes and grey skin tone.
  • Tusk options for females.
  • More body paint color options.


  • Tails for males.
  • Option to remove sandals.
  • Fur colors representing other bear species.
  • Hair highlights for males.


  • Squinted eyes like the NPCs have.
  • Glowing hands like the NPCs have.
  • Glowing hair like the NPCs have.
  • Gold jewelry like the NPCs have.
  • More skin tones (They currently have three… three!).
  • More hair colors (Most are just different shades of white).
  • More visible tattoo options.
  • Young face option for males.


  • Sliced ear option for males.
  • The missing yellowish fur color that disappeared after alpha.
  • More jewelry colors.

Lightforged Draenei:

  • Longer tail option like normal Draenei are getting.
  • More hair colors (Like Nightborne, most of their hair colors are just shades of white).
  • More skin colors (A dark grey skin color would look lovely).
  • Option to remove the gold plating on their hooves.

Highmountain Tauren:

  • White fur color (Jale Rivermane is a Highmountain Tauren with white fur).
  • Broken antler option.
  • Eagle themed jewelry to represent the Skyhorn Tribe (An eagle skull necklace for example).

Kul Tiran:

  • Skinny option.
  • Anchor necklace.
  • Jewelry for males.

Void Elf:

  • Partially corrupted skin tone.
  • Old god like eyes.
  • Alleria’s white hair color.
  • Dark blue skin tone (Like that of a Voidwalker).
  • Option to remove tentacles from hair.

That’s all i can think of for now. Will edit more in for the other races later.


I really appreciate all your work on Twitter.

I agree with all of this but would like to add that in addition to the blind options for Draenei, we currently are the only non-allied race to get zero options for our eyes. There have been debates since the WoD models in whether Draenei should have whiter eyes or bluer ones. Velen has purple, and the history of the arcane within Draenei culture supports this too. We should have all of these options.

Scars, broken horns, chopped tails and tendrils are all things that can and should be added to allow us to show some of the damage we’ve survived over the years. NE and orc get them, humans have some (with restrictions that need serious relaxing!), we deserve them too.

The lion’s share of Draenei customization right now is tied to a single headdress and it’s colors, which affects the tendrils/tall rings but it’s almost completely unnoticeable. Add that it only works with specific hairstyles and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

NE, orcs, and Tauren all have the main five options (face, skin, hair style, hair color (forelock) and eye colors, plus double digit accessories that they can mix and match to truly be unique and customized. Worgen have one, with 30 of their individual options tied to the color. How is that acceptable?

Blizzard has shown us what they can do, they should do this for all races. Not just a handful.


I think I mentioned and went over quite a bit of this in the previous post:

Yes, Yes, YES!!! I just posted about this today but saw your post in related and I’d SO go for these added for my Mechagnome.


Love the troll beards! Would 100% have them on this guy. I support everything on this list. I would also want unhealed scarification tattoos on forsaken. I think that it could be something very unique to the race and could be a way to add new tattoos to the race. Faded out tattoos, tattoos with flesh missing would be awesome as well.


I’ve never thought of this before, this sounds super cool

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Glad you think so! Only reason I know of it is because my girlfriend is a tattoo artist, the things look so gnarly when they’re fresh I just feel like they would be perfect for forsaken


Those were initially in the Alpha for BFA but were removed for, as you said, Throne of Thunder stuff.


I love your ideas for goblin. I hope they see this an implement at least some of them!


Yeah that was a shame. I prefer the MoP tattoos and eyes of the Zandalari. It would be cool as at least an option. Female Zandalari even have a joke about the Isle of Thunder.
Yellow eyes like some had in MoP would also be cool for them to have.


Blizzard needs to let Blood Elves pick the Dark Ranger eyes and skin tones, then add tattoos and scaring options for both genders. Likewise, give the men some jewelry options as well.

Worgen need tails. An upright posture for the males would be great as well. Also, let them customize their fangs as well; really pronounced fans, or no fangs, or some just from the top or just the bottom, etc…

Forsaken definitely need an upright option for both males and females. I wouldn’t mind seeing some magical tattoos as well, Scourge themed/inspired. Also, let them have the human models with undead skins; Calia, Derek, and Nathanos have been around long enough that this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

Give Void Elves the Kul Tiran hair colors.

Nightborne need to be burned down and rebuilt from the ground up. They’re… they’re in a very bad spot right now.

Also my personal favorite bit of feedback; unlock all hairstyles for all races and genders. There’s no reason an Orc can’t walk through Silvermoon, see a hairstyle, and not be able to go, “Hey, that looks great, I want my hair to look like that.”

Also, some new hairstyles that come with hoods. Looking at Alleria or Sylvanas where they have hairstyles built in with the hood, this seems like something that should be doable.

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Thank you, goblins are my passion. I really just want my lil’ buggers to be treated better! Though gnomes have it worse off in the options dept!

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Why all races can’t have all hair colors is beyond me.

Bleach and dye exists in game for tailoring, you’re telling me a goblin hasn’t figured out how to make them into hair products yet?


I’ve been saying this for years. I even suggested they make “unnatural” colors for each race something you need to go to the barber for. So it’s a goldsink.

Make-ups too, honestly.

OH. Something we desperately need that I’ve been saying for years, that they have done with the BALD option?


  • Ponytail, high and low.
  • Buzzcut
  • Medium length hair
  • Simple braid

Just hair styles any non-anthropomorphic race would possibly have.


I just wish Night elves would have gotten golden jewelry to reflect more Azshara :pleading_face::pensive:

I would like more for the Draenei, namely:

  • Eye Colors
  • Scars (fel scars and taint)
  • Horn Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Permanent “Gift of the Naaru” runes (like Lightforged)
  • Hoof-Plates
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Draenei definitely deserve more love. They really haven’t gotten much compared to everyone else, and it’s a shame. I say each race should have close to the same number of customizations. Everyone should be on par with humans and how much they got.

Also, to kick a dead horse once more: troll beards…


I can mostly talk for belves as it’s what I main and can think of now (but I agree other races should get more stuff too):

  • Jewelry shared between genders

  • Hairstyles shared between genders and/or actually long hair for women

  • Hair accessory. Jewelry, chains, feathers, braids, etc.

  • Runic tattoos/scarifications

  • Ranger tattoos/warpaints

  • Fuller beards for men. Short that take all the jaw + wizard style

  • More color of Jewelry than bright gold and Silver. + option to change the gem color like the draenei

  • Necklaces a tad more subtle than clunky pectoral (like humans and Kul tiran)

  • Earings a tad less subtle (like nightbornes)

  • Scars + damaged ears

  • Red eyes option

  • Dead skin options ?