Shadowlands Customisation Feedback

Linking the post I originally wrote (it had a bunch of custom links so understandably I couldn’t post as a “new” forum user so had a friend post it):

I wanted to offer a bit of an extension of other things I would like to see and suggestions for character customisation. This won’t really have as many outside links like last time, but more pointing out stuff that I’m observing while scrolling through the PTR options. As before I’m going in order of the races, but there isn’t too much. I thought I might as well also cross-post this into a more publicly accessible area and add a few extras. I know it looks like a lot, but a good chunk of it is modified / duplicating existing stuff that I don’t think would be difficult.
Also please excuse my repetitive writing, I sort of noticed it only after the original was posted. I will try to be better at English.


  • General
    There’s a few bugs atm so I’m hesitant to make immediate judgment but there’s face options tied to very specific skin options. Like last time I suggested separating out things like the makeup built in to faces, eyebrows, etc. This in particular is also something more personal to me - my main character has medium-dark skin but I can’t choose the face that I want available to the other skin tones.

An example:
Option A

Option B

I know it’s a bit silly to say but it feels weird that I can’t pick the freckle options I want without choosing either the new skin tones or choosing wrinkles built in on old skin tones. That’s particularly the reason I wish more of those options were separate, and I know it’s a lot easier to do than necessarily creating new options.


  • General
    Lacking blind eye options.
  • Male
    Could probably have beard jewellery specifically similar to night elf vines.

Night Elf

  • General
    Eye options are forced via scar options. The “double blind eye” options aren’t even selectable. These should really be separate from scar options.

  • Female
    The blindfold option should be available to females as well as the male body tattoos.

  • Male
    The female facial tattoos should be available to males.


  • General
    Could probably use more face options, there’s not many to begin with.
    They lack any blind eye options.


  • General
    They lack blind eye options and could probably use them.


  • General
    Could use a more jet-black type of fur colour maybe in opposition to the snowy-white fur. Most of the current “black” furs are more greys.
    A bit unrelated and perhaps could be more of a general thing but they should have more recolour options for their heritage armour that for example replace the gold with silver.


  • General
    I probably forgot in haste, I was more hyper-focused on Dragonmaw because they’re definitely a part of the Horde, but I wanted to mention that Blackrock (Burning Steppes) and the Chaos (Red) orc skins should probably be available. I don’t know the current state of their acceptance though.
    *Quick Edit: Somebody brought up Eitrigg being MU Blackrock.


  • General
    Lacking blind eye options

Zandalari Troll

  • General
    They had golden eyes in Throne of Thunder but don’t have such now. It might be argued this was a bit of Zul’s influence or something considering he has similar eyes, but nonetheless I think it should be considered.
    They also had more lightning-style tattoos, but that could again be Zul’s Throne of Thunder stuff.
    Continuing with the old Zandalari, their “skin scales” seem to be optional as well. According to the files, the ones with lightning tattoos replace the skin scales and the file names are called zandalaritrollmagic... implying a more magical nature to such.

Demon Hunters

  • Demon Hunters should have the ability to choose either the “double blind eye option” and asymmetrical flaming eye option. I know the point of Demon Hunters otherwise is that they don’t have “normal” eyes, so understand that’s not really what I’m asking for.
    It’d also be nice to have a Demon Hunter more based upon a red fire theme, including some red fire eyes and the like. Mostly what comes to mind is a more “classic” style Demon Hunter thematically.

Death Knight

  • There’s an opportunity to give Death Knights a more thematic eye colour choice between Green and Red and to also give them half-blind or completely blind eye options.


  • Separate the face morphs from the face textures.
  • Left / Right eyes should be separate for all races - choose 2 different colours, choose any blind eye with coloured eye, and all races should have blind eye options.

This should be the end of this particular post, I might post more but for now this is what came to mind. Thank you again to the devs doing so much hard work :heart:
*Quick Edit: Please fix the bug reporter on PTR, there’s a good amount of bugs with textures atm that I want to report ;-; ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ THE BUG REPORTER IS FIXED ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ PRAISE BE

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Best giggle had all week. Keep talking it up maybe you might change a few peoples minds to actually buy. (NOT).

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don’t you need to have an active sub (ie buy) to comment on the forums? :thinking:


i know this might say more about it possibly being a allied race however, not having a red eye/darkfallen option for blef is disapointing.
Again, might be a allied race. who knows.


The biggest customization option I’ve been hoping to see are posture toggles for Forsaken, Darkspear, and Worgen.

We have them for Orcs, we should get them for the other races too.


My feedback so far

I had many giddy giggles at prettying up my tauren druid. She’s a walking bundle of serotonin now

Every race should have scars. Why is it just orcs and nelves?

Why are the most new belf stuff just teeny tiny earrings for the girls?


I’m a bit mixed on it because currently the state of allied races isn’t the best when it comes to customisation options. It would probably make sense to have unique racials because they’re an undead elf, but I think maybe something similar to Zandalari-style choosing racials could fit better with a weekly cooldown. Just my personal thoughts though, I want the path that gives the most amount of customisation options to players.

The Forsaken at the very least have some upright (or semi-upright for male) animations for walking / standing, which is pretty much what the Orcs have. I would definitely like to see it on Darkspear and Worgen though, their center of body mass on worgen male feels sort of like they’d fall over

Definitely agree, there are also the new human faces with scar options but you need to specifically choose those skin options.
Also on the bit about earrings, I think Lor’themar has them but male blood elves can’t choose such, I find that a bit odd. :pensive:

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  • Female orcs have a face with purple eyes on live, but there’s no purple among the new eye color options.
  • War paints need more colors. In particular I’d like a more vivid shade of blue, as well as an orange(the Burning Blade clan color).
  • On the subject of the Burning Blade, there’s no stark white hair color like the WC3 blademasters had. Also, the current blackest hair option has so much highlighting in it that it sometimes appears gray. An even blacker option would be great.
  • Normal scars would have been preferable over the scarification scar options.
  • Dragonmaw skin tones are a given, but a more yellow skin tone would be appreciated as well. There’s two that border on yellow right now, and one of them looked a lot more yellow in classic.

Blood elves

  • Blood elf females still don’t have hairstyles to beat the males in size. Let’s start with hair that reaches down to the ankles and negotiate up from there.
  • They also need a white hair color option.
  • The tiara for the new “Tiara” hairstyle should have a silver option to match the jewelry.

I am hoping to see additional customization for gnomes and goblins. I would love if my gnome warlock could look like one of the examples below (cultist and/or leper). The skin colors and eye colors already exist in game as NPC-only, so they might be relatively easy to implement for player characters as well.

Customization that I would like to see implemented:


Skin Color

  • Leper
  • Cultist

Eye Color

  • Leper
  • Blind

Face Features (New Category)

  • Scars
  • Soot/grease smudges



  • Saronite
  • Copper
  • Fel iron
  • Additional options

Lens Color (New Category, where applicable)

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Burned out
  • Additional options


  • Full head mechanization
  • One eye mechanized, one eye regular
  • Additional options

Arm Upgrade

  • Option/toggle for fleshy arms

Leg Upgrade

  • Option/toggle for fleshy legs


Face Features (New Category)

  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Soot/grease smudges
  • Singed eyebrows
  • Football-style eye black
  • Bandaid on the cheek
  • Black eye
  • Gold tooth

Body Jewelry (New Category)

  • Gold chain necklace
  • Chunky gold watch
  • Diamond ring

Well it must be active cause I’m posting doh. Stupid comment sorry.

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I love everything you’re done. I can’t replay in the first thread for some reason.

I especially like your artwork and what you’ve done for Trolls.
Green skin, different ear options, more tusk options with jewelry, beards and of course green skin should definitely be customization options.

I like your ideas for the Zandalari and all other races too.
And example is that male Blood elves should get jewelry too.


Why do humans have so many more options than anyone else?

Blood elf makes have three more hairstyles and some eye colors. That’s great but not enough! There should be many more hairstyles, tattoos, and jewelry options as well.

I hope they aren’t finished yet because she races are sorely lacking in options still.

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velfs could use white and black hair colors, a couple alliance only hairstyles and ear / eyebrow size mods.

It’s the Shadowlands Beta forums so it requires access to it, which is why I also cross-posted here since I think it makes it a little more accessible and I can actually respond to some replies (as well as get notified). :grinning:

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Here’s my wishlist for Goblins:

  • Full healthy, non-balding male hair. Long styles, short styles. Flopped over mohawks, business cuts.
  • Rockabilly styles, for females/males. More pomps, and quiffs, jellyrolls. Betty Paige style hair, Betty BOOP styles!
  • Young, less wrinkly looking male faces. There’s so many creases in these faces.
  • The yellow eyes from pre-remodel back.
  • Punk hair styles! Sideshaves! Flopped over mohawks!
  • GOLD jewelry options! You can’t tell me goblins wouldn’t drip more gold than a blood elf.
  • Fix our underwear so it’s not ratty and gross, we were on that island for like a month, maximum?
  • Claw color? Make-up choices?

For Gnomes:

  • Non-wrinkly male faces
  • Scars, blind eyes.


  • Fix all the female hairstyles they ruined by making the braids stick out of a pixie cut style hair, making them look like plugged in cables instead of plaits/braids.
  • Just give us the pixie style.
  • Side burns for females.
  • Smoother less rough faces for male Dwarves as well.

It’s a mixed thing for me - I definitely agree they should have more options of course. It’s a whole other subject regarding that however, in that I personally feel that Blood Elves should have been handled in a fashion of choosing a faction similar to Pandaren (Blood / High Elf and Huojin / Tushui) and then getting maybe additional faction-specific customisation from there. I’m very happy that the void elves got the skin tones of blood elves, but I already knew when people first advocated for this years ago that we might be seeing a distinct lack of hairstyles. It’s more akin to a void elf cosplaying a high elf than truly getting high elves - it’s close, but not quite there. My initial proposal I’ve made years back elsewhere was to additionally give Ogres to the Horde for the “loss” of Blood Elves becoming a part of the Alliance.
If something similar to Zandalari Loa racials can be implemented (choosing void vs. high elf and blood vs. san’layn on a weekly CD) I think that’d help a lot perhaps.

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Oh I see makes sense haha. I hope it will get noticed by the devs and some of your ideas will be used. :wink:

Edit: One request more for Trolls, no all races with a hunch.
Please fix the belts. They are vanishing in our stomachs.


my suggestion is that if you select the fairer skin tones as a belf or a velf, you go into helf mode. helf mode changes your hair options and beard options. only use hairstyles from other alliance races for velf helfs and only use hairstyles from other horde races for belf helfs. use as many braids as possible and make sure the hairstyles used, are exclusive to their factions. this way they can not only go full helf for both belfs and velfs, with hair colors no longer being an issue, but they can also look different than belfs and velfs.

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I think this is going to be a judgment of how much you value per option. Humans have a lot of option per category but are rather limited in category. Blood Elf is similar, they really should have scar options, tattoos, and so on. It’s not that I disagree but “which race has more” can be very subjective depending on how you value recolours vs. actual whole categories and getting something wholly new. Generally I try to look at things that can be “baseline” (obviously troll trusks on humans seems odd) and then go further and see what’s gender-specific that maybe shouldn’t be or has evidence of existing but only as one option (for instance lots of jewellery on female but not male or draenei tendrils). I definitely agree that I hope they’re not finished, but I can also understand it can take time to gather feedback and then implement those options properly in full working order. There’s also likely a lot of backend issues that I can’t ever account for like vertex point limits and graphics optimisation.

I noticed orcs don’t have a separation between their face and body tattoos/warpaint. As someone who plays an orc I’d like to see them separate it to face paint and body paint as well as face tattoos and body tattoos.