Shadowlands Command Table now have flavor text

It’s the new Mission Table missions stuff that you can do from your phone. Today’s build added flavor text.

Sadly the text isn’t visible from wowhead and I only have 7 adventures available, but while some of the adventures are lore-irrelevant (e.g. A Cloudrunner got spooked and there’s a stampede), others are lore-relevant (e.g. the aspirants manifested a giant amalgamation of Doubt in Bastion, help us kill it, which sounds very Sha-like).

So something to look forward to (or not, if you hate lore being discussed in mission table equivalents)


Off topic, how you liking the new character customizations?



Behold, what I look like IRL (curlier beard but length is right, imagine this hair had a properly rendered fade on the sides :joy::joy::skull::skull:)

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This has been since the covenant campaign where our npc have to purge their doubts.

In another note, I hope we get back with gold and useful reward again

Gold yes, but only Reputation Gains otherwise

Bit different us purging our individual doubts than all the doubts of various aspirants turning into one Giant Doubt Aberration

I feel like I would care more if we had something more… substantial to corroborate them. To avoid situations like where, even now, the current situation of Ashenvale, Gilneas, and more, is occasionally up for debate.


I mean for now when I say Lore-relevant it’s mostly just “how the monsters in each zone work”, nothing quite as important as the geopolitical landscape of Azeroth.

Only reason why it’s relevant per se is because the Ardenweald Gorm resemble the In-between Devourers, the Bastion Memories resemble the Revendreth Manifestations, and the Brokers are interested in all of the above lol

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Gorm only resemble Devourers in that they have a Blue Glow coming out of them as does the Sylvari and Vorkai.

The Spells used by the Gorm are quite different from the Devourers which is the main thing. The Spells used by the Gorm ironically are Void Magic which explains why their Queens resemble G’huun.

The Anima used by the Devourers is Indigo-colored and has an oily appearance quite distinct from the star-filled Celestial Anima of Ardenweald.

Under normal circumstances the Gorm are arguably something of an inverse of the Devourers. Devourers are expressly said to be intruding upon the realms in search of anima to consume, so while their recent proliferation isn’t the norm, their actual behavior is.

Ardenweald quests indicate that Gorm ordinarily feed on matter that doesn’t have anima left in it, effectively serving to break down and recycle the depleted material that remains after reborn souls move on.

But more recently in the absence of fresh anima, Ardenweald’s very landscape has begun dying off, leading to a glut of lifeless material and consequently an explosion in Gorm population. Such that even with the excess depleted matter, the Gorm numbers have grown even greater still, leading to some of them consuming material that still contains trace anima and even an occasional soul as they scour the land for sustenance.

And the implication is that when Gorm eat anima (or worse still, a regenerating soul), since it’s something they normally wouldn’t do it affects them unnaturally, causing them to greatly increase in size, strength, aggression and intelligence while causing them to hunger for more anima.


Correct, which makes them much like Devourers in that regard.

In fact I speculate Gorm are “domesticated” Devourers.

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Gorm normally don’t eat Anima while Devourers have always loved the stuff.

Gorm mutations are when lifeforms that normally don’t consume Death start to consume it.

The fact that Gorm use Void makes it seem like they are Void Entities. Void consumes Matter(non-living) by nature.

It would be very funny if the Gorm turned out to be Old Gods!

Gorm eat the leftovers of Ardenweald. Everything in the Shadowlands is made of anima. They eat anima.

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It is kind of weird that the Night Elves developed plucking, threading, and waxing before the High/Blood/Void Elves and Nightborne did.


Nothing weird if you ask me. Recently they are way more welcoming to highborne. Might be one of their influences.

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Bush pruning :eyes:

I know. I’m just being facetious about Night Elves getting eyebrow options before the stereotypically vain Highborne offshoots.