Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

I would like it as its would be the single target option replacing havocs cleave. Havoc is one of the reasons CB can’t be to strong or we dominate cleave fights.

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I understand that sentiment totally, but then again… just tune it so only CB’s split damage on the second target is 30, 40 or whatever % is needed to tune it right.

The talent existing doesn’t really feel like a choice. But alright, I concede that this just is personal opinion territory, and falls more under the category of tuning anyway.

Can’t say much about the afflic or demo changes considering I don’t play them that often but as far as destro I’m not liking what I’m seeing. I feel as if now things feel more fluid by the fact we have visions to get much more infernal time on a shorter cd and we can use haste corruptions to have brutally effective havoc windows to help with aoe in mythic plus.

When these are gone I’m getting a feeling melee will run away on aoe damage and lack of movement plus melee getting more gap closers (and things like warrs getting spell reflect baseline) is going to make pvp pretty miserable. I know destro is strong now buts thats only because its propped up on overtunned chaos bolts and being super tanky. A playstyle no one seems to like playing as or against.


There’s nothing I hate more than playing with Vision Major… it’s so crazily unreliable, I can’t play with it for more than 2 games or 1 M+ before getting reminded of its crazy variance.

One M+ you literally only see maybe 3-4 proccs the entire dungeon, other times it literally procs 3 Infernals in a row, where you laugh at the fact that they actually re-purposed code used for shaman totems back in the day, to show the different Infernal timers at the bottom of your Blizz Unit Frame… its ridiculous.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that sometimes, it actually ruins your damage, because the far weaker buff from the procced Infernal on Crashing Chaos overrides the one from your real Infernal…

It’s a mess. In my eyes, there are more often just better choices as major essences for most scenarios. The only scenario where I also have to resort back to VoP Major is against such disruptive melee teams, that you don’t go for CBs most of the time anyway, and the infernal’s damage is actually your main damage source…

For anything else, getting Demon Armor as your fourth talent is more often than not better defensively, and for offense both Flame and Breath, or even Lucid are just preferrable.

Special mention on Lucid Major: I really think people underestimate this one, big time. Especially for M+ if your team kinda pulls bigger packs around your Infernal CD, because the shard regen from it is just bats*it crazy. Same is true for single target, it greatly enhances your burst window. Drop Infernal, Dark Soul, Cataclysm into the mobs, Vision, and spam RoF. It’s possible when lucky that you can have 10, yes TEN RoF’s up at the same time.

Anyway, I’m drifting away to a tangent again… thanks ADHD.

Ugh, I’m way too into this right now… and bored at the same time.

Literally only recorded and uploaded this for this thread, haha.

I was actually a bit unlucky here, then again it’s only against 5 targets, this scales exponentially with more targets. I had times in an M+ where it was impossible to catch up to spending your shards in time, due to your globals not being fast enough, with heroism.

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About the infernal doing most damage some games that’s so true lol. It’s hillarious sometimes when i do 3s with my ret buddy and he pops wings and pretty much solo destroys a healer while I’m doing the stun/silence dance with 2 melee on me as infernal is atleast dishing out damage. I just tell him well atleast I kept them busy.

As far as your mythic plus point I love it when you got infernal out, haste procs with flashpoint and then pop more infernals and rofs due to so much haste. So juicy.

Btw just seen your vid edit and ya that’s awesome. I know destro ain’t the meta but people that know what they are doing can put out some damage.

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Yeah, it’s amazing for sure when it happens. But that’s my issue with it. More often than not, it doesn’t happen, and you only hate yourself again that you didn’t just go with Lucid again.

I just like having this control over the fights myself, and not having to rely on such a huge RNG varience and hoping the stars align.

Edit: Okay I just can’t help it, lol.

I had to add 2 targets (Gnoll Targeting Barrel and Turnip Punching Bag toys) and try again with Drums, for the heck of it.

You’ll probably have to wait for Youtube to finish processing the 1440p 60hz version to see the DPS, but it’s just crazy. And the best part, it’s consistent.

And yeah, I know it’s in the open world with Focused Chaos PvP talent active, I can only defend it a little bit with “yeah, but the CB also doesn’t get split by havoc, which in a dungeon it would!”, but whatever. Details, details…

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So we are basically getting demo and destro as they currrently are with no azerite or essence to cover the flaws of those specs.

How are they fine with the gameplay of either of those two with barebones mechanics.


doesnt look like wrack is mentioned anymore and the Dark Pact thing is indeed dark pact it now scales off spell power

aff is back thank god

as soon as prepatch hits i’m never playing demo or destro ever again


Fixed, thanks

Destruction needs a complete overhaul I don’t know what they are talking about.

Demo needed mobility and single target damage bolstering talent support. It also needed an interrupt.

Affliction did not need bad mechanics replaced by soul effigy/shadow embrace 2.0

No lock should be happy with this. 2 expacs as meme means meme class.


what are you even talking about LMAO

Need a baseline kick. Love you see the doggo ability get replaced with something else.

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Soul Wrack is a new channeled ability that ravages the foe’s spirit, empowering Warlocks’ periodic spells to deal a significant amount of bonus damage to an enemy afflicted by this dark magic. Affliction Warlocks can exacerbate the malaise they sow with Malefic Rapture , a new ability that causes their periodic spells to tick significantly faster while the victim is suffering from the malady.

Sounds an awful lot like a debuff ramp job and no buffs to baseline damage and less UA stacking and no shard cost with new Deathbolt explosion spell. It’s just as bad.


Update, apparently if you check the WoW website they removed Soul Wrack completely. It never existed haha

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we already had this

it was called malefic grasp and it was not a ramping ability

what does this have to do with ramping

you put out your dots and you use whatever ability this is and it makes them tick faster

it isn’t a ramp unless putting out dots is ramping rofl


Pretty disappointed.
The talent tree for destro needs a rework.
T1 is fine i guess.
T2 is terrible. Like please remove Reverse Entropy and replace it with something else. a random 15% haste buff is boring as hell. Shadow burn should be baseline and in the MoP style.
T3 is fine.
T4 has issues. Destro has no consistant aoe damage if we don’t pick fire and brim stone. I would like toggleable fire and brimestone baseline again.
T5 is fine.
T6. Roaring blaze is kinda borning, i think they should have had something more with your pets empowering you.
T7. Channel Demonfire should be baseline.

Also I would like backdraft to allow incinerate to be castable on the move. Just a little bit of mobility for fights a i can plan around would be useful.

Also Felguard really needs a way to interrupt spells even if it costs them the stun. It’s not fun having to sacrifice a good chunk of damage to gain a basic utility spell.


I think we have lost a resource we used to have, Life Tap. So much could be done with this spell.


T1 most definitely is not fine. It’s one of the worst examples, even. Backdraft has no business being there, it needs to be baseline.

Just imagine it for a second. Wouldn’t it be great having the option of choosing Soul Fire? I actually played around with it at the start of BfA and quite like it, even though its massively undertuned, but just from a gameplay perspective.

Eradication is also a bad talent to have, but I wouldn’t even mind it that much. It’s just… boring… pure damage increases like that with nothing else interesting attached are just something you regulate through tuning or borrowed expansion power systems, not through a freak***g talent.

I wholeheartedly agree with the rest, btw.

Destro doesn’t have a talent tree so much as it has several opportunities to make the wrong decision.