Shadowlands Beta Opt-in


I am trying to confirm or make sure I am opt-in for a potential Beta invite for Shadowlands however I am just getting a message that says “Opt-in Unsuccessful”. Is this system currently down/unavailable (11JUL20 20:30pm PST) or is there something I’m not doing properly.

I tried to post a link to an image via imgur but that isn’t allowed apparently.

Thank you for your time!

I would keep trying as there are lots of players trying at the same time you can also try different browsers clearing ur cache/cookies

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I’ll give your suggestions a try. Thank you!

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GL rember its like playing the lottery no gaurentees.

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Yeah, I’ve been playing wow for 14-15 years and I don’t get invited to many of those things but I am very interested in Shadowlands so crossing my fingers lol