Shadowlands Beta Character Wipe This Week

Later this week when we take the Shadowlands Beta offline for its weekly update, all test characters will be removed from the Shadowlands Beta realms. Over recent weeks, many of the bug reports we’ve received are related to player-characters getting into a broken state due to changes in questlines or Covenant flow. These are not bugs that could occur in a live environment, and they often mask other issues that we still need to identify and fix. When the Shadowlands Beta resumes public availability, testers will want to copy or create new characters in order to resume testing.

Thereafter, on test realms you’ll find that Renown with all Covenants will be set back to its initial, Week 1 state. Please note that there will be two options for template test characters: On the Maw and Oribos realms, you’ll find character copy and Level 50 templates for testing the initial experience. On the Torghast realm, there will be Level 60 character templates and vendors that support PvP, dungeon, and raid testing. This will skip the Shadowlands level-up content and put the test character right before their Covenant choice.

As in previous weeks, we’re targeting late Wednesday morning (PDT) for the time when we’ll take the Beta realms offline and do maintenance, remove all characters, and update the build.

Thank you to all Beta testers for your continued testing and feedback!


Please please please revamp that leveling exp!


Maybe this is why I can’t use the barbershop on my worgen! I look forward to it.

(We should give worgen tails imo)


With this in mind, some of us who received our access via contest keys still only have access to the Torghast server. Will this reset allow us access to the Maw and Oribos servers?

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I’m having this issue too. I don’t know if it was a bug or intended.

Thanks for this. It has been a pain to try to explain to folks about these bug states yet alone you guys.

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PSA: As much as the game may suck or as much as you may hate it, don’t be this guy ^

Edit: He removed his comments, lol


Good luck guys. I hope you’re able to get these issues resolved. Try to find a quiet desk to crawl under and take a nap. I’ve been there.


But he will still play Shadowlands. Lol.


Only if they give vulpera hairstyles.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Hoping this wipe fixes a lot of issues.

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Please make sure people (like me) that have recently gotten beta keys are able to access ALL servers…right now I only have access to Torghast. If you make it so Torghast only gives 60 template characters I can’t test leveling anymore :frowning: Big sad.


Thank you for allowing us to help make this amazing game continue to be that way!

Looking forward to this wipe, as we ran into a lot of weird issues going through the leveling content, and it was very difficult to dissect what was caused by the bugged character, and what was not.

Hoping to find time to do at least one more leveling run through after this wipe. It was hard to measure difficulty when mobs don’t scale with you properly.


I am glad for this. Hopefully it enables a lot of fixes to be put into place.

All I ask is that we’re not forced to start at level 60 on Torghast. We need to be able to create level 50 character templates.


Thanks, Kaivax. Recent beta invitees only have access to the Torghast realm, would you mind passing this issue along? We can copy level 120 characters and level on Torghast which is fine, but would love to test the leveling experience on the leveling servers. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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Yes! Do it Blizz, make Worgens even more fluffy!

Hey Caelus, haven’t seen you in a while, hope you are doing ok dear!



Should have been done sooner tbh but better late than never i suppose.

I was on an extended vacation. :slight_smile:

The tail crusade continues! Not a single new drop-down for worgen (human form doesn’t count, I don’t RP) a tail would be delightful.


:cold_face: Its cold on the outside looking in. Tell them to send more Beta invites. :rofl:

It’s needed, my toon is sooo messed up poor thing.

Toon whips all round!