[Shadowlands] Azerite armor, neck, and cloak

Posting here because I can’t post in-game.

Legendary neck, cloak, and high ilvl Azerite armors are BIS in shadowlands through the first raid tier (Possibly replaced by heroic raid gear or mythic raid gear)

This seems like an issue for players without them or returning players

  • Cloak proc is too strong to replace

  • Azerite neck has 55 of each stat making it the equivalent of ILVL 200 ish on the beta.

  • Azerite armor has a huge amount of main stat and stam. 7 main stat = 25 to 30 secondary stat on the beta at lvl 60. So you start to replace Mythic Nzoth azerite armor around heroic dungeon gear? from a dps perspective, and never from a tank perspective (the bonus stam is too good)

Just wanted to bring this up.

This is what a lot of people have asked for to be quite honest, and personally I don’t have a big problem with it. As long as the gear does, in fact, get phased out, then it is fine.

I mean i really don’t want my gear from LAST expansion to LAST me until HEROIC content in a new expansion, I want it to be long gone by then.


Heroic dungeon gear is what he said here. That sounds fine to me. Being replaced by Heroic dungeon gear just means “it lasts through the leveling experience”, which is totally fine.

Maybe all of it will just be nullified during the intro quests that we haven’t fully seen yet, the way the Legion weapons were nullified.

Wtf wrong, they’ve already said as soon as you leave Azeroth for Shadowlands Azerite, neck and cloak will be deactivated.

Beta =/= release form

The essences and azerite powers will. OP is talking about the raw stats.

Can you link that? They have stated corruption will break in pre-patch but I haven’t seen anything about cloak or neck. Azerite armor TRAITS break in shadowlands and essences but the actual stats do not.

Am in shadowlands beta at the moment, ALL bonus effects are gone, We only have the raw stats.

Tuning will happen also, still in Beta

How is this any different than any other expansion? High level raid gear tended to last until people got leveled and actually into new raids.

I’d prefer to replace all that in heroic dungeons, not heroic raids. Gearing us much more fun than keeping the same old crap we have now.

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High level raid gear lasted until 7-8 levels in and were replaced by questing greens and blues.

  • The cloak won’t be replaced in the first tier even with mythic raid pieces
  • The azerite neck won’t be replaced until heroic neck
  • The azerite armor gets replaced at heroic dungeon level 60 for dps… and not until the second raid tier for tanks…

So yes, it is pretty different then the past.

They will be tuned, just wait. Everyone and their mother is talking about it on streams and stuff.

They’ll just disable the cloak proc at level 55.

Back in BC, sure. They have done a lot in the recent expansions with gear itemization, not uncommon for Heroic/Mythic raiders to still be using pieces going into the starter raids.

Yes beta, this feedback is to get it changed. That post says exactly what I said. while essences were canceled, the raw stats on the items are so high that they will not be replaced in the first tier.

They will all be replaced. They haven’t finished the gearing system. It’ll be one of the last things they do.

Literally the wrong place to post feedback. That’s why they have a Feedback button in beta

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so is it only in BfA Zones that the neck/cloak/etc are usable, and else where onlythe raw stats are there, or would, say, crucible of flame still be usuable on valithria in ICC… asking for a fri-- nah, just asking for myself because i like being able to full clear icc. can’t do that as a DK without the healing effect of that essence.