Shadowlands: An Inside Look at the Character Creation UI Redesign

OMW we’re getting a Cro-Magnon race?


Informative. Thanks for posting.

Thank you. It’s nice to see a little about the creative process. You did a good job.

This was pretty interesting, thank you.

Nobody cares about this nonsense, can you actually make the game fun and satisfying to play?


The UI still looks like it’s stuck in 2002. Look up final fantasy XIV character creation and then compared to wow’s ancient One. Also where’s our explanation on why you put out one content patch in a year


Try turning your addons off, and compare the base UI of the game, to Vanilla and earlier designs. The UI team of WoW has been hard at work in a lot of areas and iterating the game for the better BECAUSE of addons.

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You understand that this is only part of the game where a speaclist in a particular field is capable of improvements right?

As someone interested in UI design and a default UI loyalist, I really appreciate this bit of insight into the creative process from the UI team. Thanks!

This is exactly the type of Blizzard communication I’d like to see more of in the future. It really humanizes the work that goes into elements of the game that are often overlooked and taken for granted.

Also, to be honest, I’d love to see some hints or indication that further work is being done to refresh and modernize other UI elements which many players have replaced with add-ons (cast bar, unit frames, action bars, etc.). The thing is, I actually prefer the default UI layout, even after all these years, but I’d love to see some refreshed art and perhaps a bit more flexibility (especially regarding the player cast bar).

Addons need a base UI to work off of, too.

That’s…why they’re called addons. They add on to what is already there, get it?

Blizzard probably: Hey we are not giving you any new content, but here is us talking about that one time when we worked on some content


Ya can’t wait for an inside look as to why we don’t have troll beards yet.

Don’t be anti beard it’s not cool




10.0 the battle of the Troggs…

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Thank you for the peak.

Personally, I really like the split of the races to each side of the screen and the classes being at the bottom but intensely dislike the button-look icons and flashy animations.

But I prefer classic over trendy.

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I want that as a playable race, the female worgen has the best laugh in the game by far but worgens are just… uh.

Why would anyone? The base UI has hardly been touched and the game is awful without them.

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You aren’t saying anything

I kindof want to be able to make those buggy looking characters now as well :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry I’m not going to chronically over work it with a heap of angst like that poster above this .
All the changes Look fantastic and work great … one wish though , an adjustment for chest size and posture , and weight . why should only the kul’terans look well fed?

Reading comprehension is hard for you I suppose. Oh well.