Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

It’s almost like catering to mob-mentality demands is a bad thing, because the people being catered to, can never be satisfied in meaningful ways, and will keep making new demands…


Man… now i need a race change discount lol



  • Demonic Embrace now increases your Stamina by 20% (was 10%) in PvP combat.

Huh? should limit Stamina by 10%, rule in arena. they always forgot rule. wow

yay i’m gonna be able to pug AOTC! and sign up for high keys!

farewell alliance pugs! :revolving_hearts:


There’s nothing to be grateful for in regards to Blizzard doing their job. This coming after the expansion with the single longest initial patch than any prior expansion, leaving us in a content-less wasteland for far too long.

Blizzard doesn’t deserve “grateful”, and they have a long road ahead to make up for this expansion.

Now, the changes coming are good. Half-baked, not fully realized, but good. So they get minor praise for finally doing something about an issue that has existed for years. But more than anything it’s a “Good job doing your job” sort of praise.

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That’s correct.

Also, we plan to provide plenty of advance notice for the end of Season 3 / start of Season 4. Just keep an eye on the Launcher, WoW news blog, Twitter feed, these forums, etc.


Most of this could have been hot-fixed in the game months ago…


Kaivax, you forgot the 500 mount achievement again :sweat_smile: some day those notes will mention new mount achievements, 4 years since last one :neutral_face:


the set is ONLY just for pallys
the mount has been around since bc (just never added ) for bloodelves

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Please say it’s the one from ZM that doggy paddles through the air.

Reminder: I am not a mage.


No more swimmy paws. Another mount ruined that I’ll never use.

Until s4 u still got a shot

I actually think the new animation looks pretty good.

However, I would prefer if they put in a toggle for it so people can use the one they prefer.

The current animation is actually weirdly buggy, but there’s no reason they couldn’t debug it and still keep the swimming animation for those that like it.


I don’t. It’s just a wolf run all over again. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d be fine with that. But they’ll never add such options. So for me, it’s yet another mount they’ve ruined. And it’s part of the reason why I have no desire to bother with mounts anymore at all.

But…new mounts!

Surely that is enough to love for all thier hard work, right?

Yeah, I don’t know why options are a bad thing.

I really do suspect that mount was never really intended to be a flying mount, and when they realized the mistake, they figured giving it a “proper” flight animation would be better than just removing it’s ability to fly. So I understand the reasoning.

But when the animation is already in-game, there’s no reason not to keep the option.

Maybe since it’s Protoform Synthesis they could add the ability to craft a second one with the alternate animation and some kind of modifier in the name?

Or just add the sparkle feet to the doggy paddle animation :smiling_imp:

Cross faction guilds please!!!


is not heritage armor, as has already been acknowledged by Ion.

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