Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

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Wow awesome

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People should be grateful that this patch is coming sooner imo


Cool, I get another mount! Or do I have to be just a paladin…boo

*Blood Elves can start a quest to earn a new mount, weapon appearance, and the Blood Knight armor set for Blood Elf Paladins by speaking to Liadrin in Oribos. Requirements: Level 60 and Exalted with Silvermoon.

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

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Still waiting on havoc dh aoe buffs.


For what exactly? There’s nothing new for open world content. Which means there’s nothing for me and they’re ruining my current favorite mount.

I pay for this game. This concept of “be grateful” is the most disingenuous and condescending remark.


what will LFR ilvl requirement be for a fated raid?

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I think it was like 240 or 250 something but Fated raids aren’t coming on the 31st.

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Really hoping to see some great updates to the Forsken content and lore.


Wow, I was way wrong on my predictions. :woman_facepalming:


Seems like nothing new besides cross-faction, WoW updates are starting to look like Starcraft 2 updates when it started dying.


I wonder.

If I do the Blood Elf Quest on my Warlock, will it unlock the Paladin Appearance for my Blood Elf Paladins? Or do I need to do it on a Paladin to earn it?

Well at least it has more than the selfie patch.


I thought you need to do it on a Paladin because the follow up convo w Liadrin for the armor is only available to Paladins after the quest (?) that’s what I understood when other people were explaining it to me

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It was never meant to be anything more than a .5 patch?

This is just how .5 patches are, season 4 will bring more but they’re working on an expansion atm, not focusing on SL anymore.


Bleh. I ground Exalted on my Blood Elf Warlock to do the first part. Guess I will have to grind my Pally to Exalted too? Oh bother…

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looks like S3 will be much shorter than anticipated and S4 will be much longer

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It wasn’t pushed out more than 6+ months

Try reading it again lol

Thanks for the Heritage Quest Blizzard, but a small reminder.

Humans, Night Elves, or Draenei, Orcs, Trolls, Undead, and Pandaren still don’t have their heritage armor, and Warlocks are still using the Mage Idle Casting Stance instead of their actual stance. You might want to implement that stuff before you give Blood Elves or Void Elves any further development.

Shadow Priests could use some help too, but I know we’re batting .33 at best on that.