Shadowland Covenant

More i read about covenant more i feel obliged to choose a specific covenant.

Well, this system will do a lot of debates about… I want go kyrian but i need go night fae, pally mobility is none and night fae ability is so good… kyrian one is trahs… sad

Same. Priest also has no mobility. I’m also considering switching races for a better racial, since I only chose Worgen for the mobility.

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Yea the Night Fae move speed is so tempting, considering I have an affinity for playing wheelchair classes, but I just can’t get into the aesthetics.

Kinda wish each covenant had 1 movement spell and 1 defensive spell that you could choose between.

I hate night fae aesthetics but what should i do? paladin have negative mobility, and kyrian ability is garbage, an alquemist potion lmao

SL will be a nice expansion but coevants sure will be negative side of it

pick whatever you would have the most fun with and accept that it’s a videogame