Shadowbolts hitting me for 30k

much like your hopes…your attempt to shame me has failed
name calling?


I have no use for you anymore as you have served your purpose

Your attempts at trolling are the same as your rating.

Tldr /10char

I didnt report dom btw lmao i could care less what anyone has to say about me or anyone else tbh.

I was just explaining how its possible for a shadowbolt to hit you for 30k+. And as it turns out if a healer sees decimating bolt and dispels dots all of a sudden nothing happens at all the shadow bolts are now basically 10-15k damage instead of 30-70k. Its a combo but as stated the amount of setup required makes it basically just ok.

Nooo dont get me wrong dude,
never even crossed my mind that you personally had anything to do with it even if he did cop a ban…

the irritating thing is that a hunter came into (WARLOCK SPECIFIC) class forum and asked an intelligent question,his answer both came from 2nd poster and yourself later on…i added my own by asking him my own question…the problem is…druids,pallys,warriors etc,etc come into class specific forums and in my opinion try to troll…and if they get any resistance whatsoever start name calling,attempted rating shaming and finally…flagging…

anyone who goes into reg bg’s is quite aware of this,its not new,how many times have any of you seen someone announcing to in chat that everyone “mark X as being afk” and sure enough a following comes around and “x” is gone…no matter what they were doing…

same thing here in these forums…once one bigmouth starts something,any resistance is met by a mob flagging for various reasons,they abuse the system in a childish way to circumvent its intended purpose…again…nothing new except a newfound aire of bravery because of this so called “contract”

anyway,again your correct,if your dots are dispelled or you get interrupted it kinda ruins the moment…but as well…nobody should be allowing a lock to stand there and cast numerous abilities at them…

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Ok so you’ve said an unbelievable amount of stupid things for a thread that’s only 26 posts deep but let’s just take this one for now.

Why do you people see a single toon that someone posts on the forums with and think “that’s a warrior in the warlock forums”? You do realize that most people play more than one character right? Just because someone is posting on one class doesn’t mean they have zero knowledge or valid input in a different class forum.

I agree completely I think the other classes are just enjoying the fact that us locks are paper plates now. It’s ok to have open discussion but the problem is alot of people just want to derail and just lol “rating” shame other players like its a L2P issue. My advice to the hunter OP just use Craven when you see all dots on you just dispel them with FD on cd.

I’ll agree to some of what you say…

sure alot of people have different toons…how do i know if a warrior or anyone else is posting?
the same way i know your a rogue…

however this line of questioning has nothing to do with the topic at all,we get trolls in here,quite sure every class forum does as well not even including general…am I supposed to take crap from someone because my view of reality is different?

look at yourself even…“you’ve said an unbelievable amount of stupid things”

thats a great way to start a conversation with someone that you dont know…gets real friendly responses…

im not going to continue entertaining this,ive said what i wanted to…as ive stated before…if you or anyone else feels threatened,scared,triggered,etc,etc by my words then report me…i assure you im not frightened.

See I don’t even play rogue, that’s my point.

What about that would lead you to believe i expected or cared what response I’d get? Some things just need to be said.

I neither threatened you with any sort of action and i assure you i feel none of those things you listed about “your words”.

Same. :v:

This thread went 0-100 fast :rofl:

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Imagine that…a hunter is asking why another class hits so hard.

Isn’t Destruction better with Bane of Havoc for RBGs? you can that kind of damage to entire teams.

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I think in RBGS it can be either way you can literally aoe chaosbolt entire teams or rot the entire team its good either way.

I’ve never understood these references before. Just because a coach doesn’t play baseball doesn’t mean he isn’t knowledgeable about the game. It doesn’t mean he can’t be an expert, they just obviously can’t perform at baseball for whatever reason.

There are players that perform well, and there are players that don’t, in all content. But that could be for many reasons. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t be quite educated and have an informed opinion.

NOTE: I am not defending anyone here, just curious as to why people always use ratings to insult others.

Because the amount of work required for Warlock in order to get this, when you literally compare it to any other class, it’s astronomical.

Literally every other class puts in less work than Warlocks, especially Affliction, in order to set this up and they burst as much if not more half of the time than Warlocks do.

You can very easily be globaled by Ret, by WW, by Arms, by Fury, by Balance, by Feral, Fire, Frost, I think Arcane still but not sure on that too much. Like, every other spec nearly, for damage, can easily put together combos just as good if not better without anywhere near the required work.

I think that’s false, actually as I’m pretty sure there have been fillers to actually 1-2 shot from specs from broken classes. I think this was back in season 1 though when everyone was still absolutely new.

So shadow does more than lock? Balance Does more than lock? You are just saying this because you are a lock player who only sees it from a locks pov.

If you get globaled by balance then you just need to get more gear and l2p…

You realize I can hit for 30k Starsurge, Starsaurge, Starsurge in a single second with Convoke, right? While yeah it’s easy to stop Convoke, however, if again it does get off and it’s on a single person you can very easily kill players in it.

No, it’s much easier to set things up on a Spriest than Affliction. It’s much easier to set things up as Balance than as Affliction.

Affliction has so many buttons to go through compared to the other specs, compared to the other classes.

SL/Agony/Corr/UA/MRx3/Deci Bolt/PS/DS:M/Dglare/RC/SBolt with proc up.

Like, go look at the rotation number wise and look at other specs.

That’s at least 13 GCDs, which is 20+ seconds with globals.

You realize boomy convoke sucks and it has 10000 counters to it, that is why you don’t see many doing it. And I highly doubt you’re consistently getting off 30k starsurges…

And after all that setup you do 10x more damage than a spriest will.

I can do this with anything, watch: judgement>blade of justice>crusader strike>crusader strike>judgement>seraphim>blade of justice>avenging wrath>final reckoning>

See anyone can list their rotation, aff isn’t more to setup it is a dot spec designed around big rotting.

What is this 10x damage. You won’t, they’re a pretty baller spec.

But you only listed 9, to 13+ and I even missed a thing or 2 I’m sure. Also, that’s not even to say that the other people weren’t dispelled, which all healers will dispel. So, yeah, again gotta start all over at that point, much worse if it gets Mass Dispelled, too.

You indeed can list the rotation, and yet 13 is still higher than 9, to be precisely 13 is actually around 50% MORE than 9.

If you include GCDs, which you always should, that’s still 13x1.5 = 20 seconds basically, and then including dispels then well that’s a lot more. 9 GCDs = 13.5 GCDs rounding up to 20 seconds. And in those, you can full on global players as a Ret.

Good job, though.

Shadow is known for low damage rn, they are brought more for support than damage profile.

Yea it’s arena, things happen. That paladin could be kited, cc’d, slow, literally anything other players have. It’s part of the game, that is why you put up UA to discourage them from dispelling.

Looking at your arena history it seems that you don’t really know what arena is like :person_shrugging: