Shadowbolts hitting me for 30k

Hey all, I was in an arena match not too long ago and I got 100-0’d by like 3 shadowbolts hitting for about 25-30k each. Anyone know how a Lock is able to hit this hard with shadowbolts and if there is something I need to be aware of?

Sounds like you let them cast a decimating bolt on top of the new aff pvp talents and they got ya. If you see an aff lock casting deci bolt just know the big instant shadowbolts are coming so just stop the deci bolt and you will be fine.

daddynatix speaks the truth…you allowed a lock,no matter what spec,to cast the classes hard hitting ability…3 times apparently…at you…

did you expect to survive?..
honest question here now…did you have the impression that since locks were nerfed… armor wise… that somehow they were all able to be steamrolled?
im serious…i believe that this is the ongoing philosophy but without confirmation i just dont know…

Huh? I was just wondering what hit me so hard and how to counter it. I wasn’t saying anything about Locks being OP…chill man.


I wasnt insinuating you were,just looking for player feedback is all…from what i can make out alot of peeps think that since we got nerfed by taking our armor away that they feel like locks can be steamrolled now and that its perfectly fine to stand in front of “any” lock with no worries…you may or may not feel this way but alot of others do.

I mean I main Hunter so a lot of the time I am lining throwing bombas anyways. I’m not some brain dead Fury warrior lol.


be careful…there are a great many warriors that if their feelings get hurt they will all come to forums and whine and moan for nerfs to “x” class…except theirs of course…remember…strength in numbers and blizzard kowtows to majority whine.

I’m looking at their class forums right now and Fury warriors are saying they are hard stuck 1600, 1800 etc. Then I see a post about buffing Arms in PvP…I literally laughed out loud at my desk. Arms is absolutely god tier in PvP right now along with Fury.

The sad thing is the person who did it to you didn’t know what they were doing those were really low, here is how it works assuming you have the setup correctly.

Talents are
Inevitable Demise
Siphon life
Dark Pact
Phantom Singularity
Howl/Coil up to you
Dark Soul: Misery

Pvp Talents are
Rapid Contagion
Rampant Affliction / Shadow rift

Covenant is Necro
Soulbind If you run Emeni you get about 10% int / otherwise Marileth is lower damage but the cc immunity during necro shield is ok.

Conduit required
Withering Bolt (this allows shadow bolt to scale damage based on how many dots are on the target.)

Lego is Malefic Wrath / Unity

  1. Apply all dots (UA, Corruption, Agony, Siphon Life, Phantom Singularity, Haunt) on Kill target
  2. Use Dark Glare and 3x Malefic Rapture
  3. If you havent got kicked on Rapture cast Decimating Bolt
  4. Congrats your instacast shadowbolts from nightfall now hit from like 30-70k depending on your gear and defensives.

This requires a lot of setup before you can do any of the instant damage and its probably better to just early cast decimating bolt to have a lower chance of something screwing up like getting kicked, stunned, feared, blinded, dots dispelled… you get the point.

This is the way I made the build everyone is running a certain IMBA lock build so they do abit less damage than the ones I generally get.

Never in this expansion has a filler spell hit 30k before, he is not in the wrong for not expecting it.

The only people who said this were lock players and they surrounded themselves with other lock players to make an echo chamber about it.

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Omg shhh you guys… i got this:

Original Poster,

We have NO clue what you’re talking about. Must be a bug and definitely not worth investigating or nerfing.




and do it all within the window of the shadowfall proc before it drops.


I feel like if your enemy lets you get this combo off… they deserve death.

Would be fun in a BG or RBG setting I assume.

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if you have 3 corruptions up you will always have 2 procs

This is such an aggressive tone to take with someone who is just asking for clarification.

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Average community council member smh :weary:


If you think for a moment that im sounding aggressive then by all means “report me” if you honestly believe that I fear this…

I see Ðòm a few posts above seems to have hurt someones feelings and prob sitting on a 24 hr forum ban…reason I say this is blizz gives you the opportunity to delete the “offending” post…and its gone “but” I read it 2 days ago…nothing in it was belligerent but the forum whiners,especially other classes, thoughtfully giving their insight to a different class, all reported no doubt…another fine example of mob mentality…

op asked question…2nd poster answered specifically,i added to it wondering why 3 shots in a row was deemed acceptable or not “from any lock”…now I hope my clarification has resolved any issues of tone,attitude,aggressiveness ( /shiver )

I only had 70 shares of ATVI last year but I sold them,I sold them simply because this company with all this newfound woke “stuff” that they are embracing is not a good business decision whatsoever,im glad i dumped them at 92 in march…as this mob mentality not only affecting business decisions but overall gameplay as well…

ahhh…i see druids got yet another instant annoying ability to spam… called “here have my opinion”

didnt see much action in the druid forums when sleeper was mandatory…all kinda surrounded each other and defended it from what i remember.

Ahh I see warlocks have another snarky warlock that thinks they are better than everyone even though you have only ever gotten 1400.

Interesting because I don’t remember being in that forum post, nor have I condoned the sleeper legendary :thinking: . Seems like you are just a douche that didn’t respond to anything I actually said. :person_shrugging: