Shadow - Trinkets on CD or?

Hey all, question…I have Soulletting Ruby, I pop EVERYTHING on pull, my voidform is up before that trink the second time, do I wait for that trink to be off CD for my next VF orrrrrrr?

I just hit 60 2 days ago, so i’m still getting my feel for spriest in SL, but icy-veins guide recommended doing Voidform on cooldown unless your trinket or Power Infusion would be up in the next 10 seconds or so. I’m recalling the Ruby has a 2.5min cd, so it seems not worth to save it. There are probably more knowledgeable voices in the community, though. Hope to hear from them

I just macro mine to PI

This. Make sure you track it so you can see if for some reason it doesn’t go on cooldown.

Don’t macro ruby to PI… ruby needs a mouseover enemy tag so you can snipe it on low hp targets for additional crit, and PI needs a mouseover friendly tag so you can use it on allies.

Also ideally you don’t press them both at exactly the same time anyway.

reported for trolling :rage:

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