Shadow Priest/Destruction Warlock LF Raiding Guild


I was mythic raiding during Mythic CN 9/10 and pushing Sire when my wife had a health issue that put her in the hospital for months. So I quit. She has made a full recovery so I am getting back into WoW and am looking for a guild.

My toons are the following:

Elestep - Restoration Shaman - Emerald Dream
Chaostep 235 ilvl- Shadow Priest - Emerald Dream
Destrostep 234 ilvl- Destruction Warlock - Emerald Dream

I have been working on my spriest and destro lock primarily, although for the entirety of the beginning of xpac and M CN I was on a resto shammy.

I am looking for a guild that wants an experienced raider. I will have the gear for my toons around the 245 marker fairly soon and am willing to transfer server.

If interested please add me on discord or drop your information/discord in the forum post.


Hey Chaostep,
If not opposed to Alliance, feel free to check us out below and give me a poke. We stream our raids so if interested we can chat and you can check us out… BiOL is always looking for experienced Raiders for this tear and the next. We’ve been rating non-stop since Wrath and enjoyed Downing bosses together. On a side note glad the wife is better must be a big relief!

Good luck to you regardless in your search for a home.

Hello Chaostep,

-and the boys- on Bleeding Hollow is currently 7/10 M and looking to round out the roster to finish the tier strong. We are a light-hearted 2 night raiding guild with the goal being fun and CE if possible. Great place to have some laughs and push further into raiding while going for CE.

Raid times:
Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-9pm PST

Add me @ Wrektar#7750 (discord) and/or Wrektar#11854 (bnet) if this interests you.

Hey there how’s it going? I’m currently looking to add some fresh talent to our guild. Currently 5/10 mythic but we had to stop raiding a few months ago due to the current guild fluctuation that seems to be plaguing the game as well as a few core people having life to deal with. But we are looking to get back to our CE content clearing ways! Looking for a few solid players to round out our roster so we can use the end of 9.1 to hit 9.2 hard. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:00-11:00 pm EST. If you’d be interested in talking more feel free to add my btag. Idle#11476

Heya Chaos,

Fulgur on Mal-ganis horde is a new guild for 9.2 with a core of players that have extensive CE / US rank experience. Looking to add some more competition to the weekend scene on a work/family friendly schedule. We still have a few slots open for dps next tier.

Raid Schedule:
Fri (optional social night)
Sat 9-1 EST
Sun 9-1 EST

Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested!
Discord Ari#6263

hey! glad your wife is doing better thats great to hear. here is my post, not sure if its something that may interest you but reach out if you are or have any questions! <Gabagool> - Dalaran [H] is recruiting for 9.2 Mythic Prog!

stay safe, stay healthy and happy holidays

I sent you a bnet request, would like to chat. Here is some info about our guild.

Hi Chaostep - I see you’re currently horde, but figured it doesn’t hurt to reach out just in case.

I’m with Almighty Push, an Alliance guild on Proudmoore, currently 7/10M. We formed about 2.5 months ago when a group of friends found theirselves all in the same situation around the same time. Three different guilds imploded and/or quit within 2 weeks, leaving a handful of friends from each guild who are still very focused on CE. We all came together and formed Almighty Push. We’re social, focused, still like WoW (even though we know it’s not perfect), and we post stupid funny stuff in discord - but most importantly we steady prog by coming prepared with knowledge of the fight, knowledge of our class, raid mats, and identifying mistakes after pull.

We don’t expect perfection - we expect improvement and personal responsibility. We don’t fuss at mistakes, we don’t fuss about loot - we act like adults, we use our time effectively. We’re 5 months into the raid - there’s not a lot of time left to waste. Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 pm CST. We typically run an H SOD on Saturday at 8 PM CST.

Outside of raid we run keys - many of us have our +20 portals, all of us have KSM on our mains. Some of us do RBGs. But mostly we just chill and chat in discord and help each other out with whatever needs doing.

Let me know if any of this sounds interesting. I’d be happy to talk with you some more.
Btag: Saberpro#1901; Vorfness#2788; Sensei#11921; Gracyn#11617
Discord: Saberpro#1256; Poosboi#3537; Sensei#1162; Gracyn#8603

Come be a part of the Almighty Push!