Shadow Priest Needs Another Rework

i really want to see Void form and Dark ascension just removed or revamped into a none CD ability.

Mind spike is cool and all but it just fights with mindfly. so i prefer if it was gone as well.

The only solution is to make it the first talent and have it as a choice between flay. Then all the spells/talents change depending on this choice. But this is a lot of work balance-wise. I rather just remove or revamped into mind flay SP-- original theme

DP needs to feel amazing to press since its our spender. right now I just don’t feel it.

I would also like our abilities to have much more flare. The only thing you can visually see is mindflay and void torrent.

Absolutely not. They can delete Mind Flay for all I care. I don’t care if Mind Flay is more iconic. I hate channeling it and prefer the regular spell cast of Mind Spike. I will not see it removed again. They can figure out a way to incorporate a practical choice between the two. Just deleting Mind Spike is too easy.

I dont see why they just dont make it a simple spec with middle of the pack damage. They tried the dots, the burst, the spellweaving. Just make it to where you…

Put dots on 1 target.
When all 3 dots are on 1 target you can mind sear where mind sear crits spread dots. This would help with shadowcrash wiffs.
Then mind blast or mind spike depending on the situation

Blizzard would have to be pretty careful in how they design it, otherwise people would start screaming that we’re going back to old voidform (even though I would love that)

I agree with this. Even Mind Flay: Insanity looks bad. It’s just a 2D texture. I hate to say it but even legion/BFA voidform was more visually appealing because we had voidbolt at almost all times and void eruption every 60-90 seconds.

I don’t want to derail the OP and commentary on it, but I am curious why people were supposedly upset about void form and that iteration? I didn’t play SPriest in legion (old mage main), but my understanding is that iteration of shadow was very well received–just Surrender to Madness was tricky to balance or something. I had always heard that BFA (when I started Spriest in earnest) was the best iteration of shadow the game has ever had, which I really agreed with, at least compared to WOTLK and previous versions. Those were fine but very slow paced, but so was all of Wow back then relative to now. Just curious why people disliked it–because it wasn’t, “put up dots and spam mind flay with the occasional mind blast until your dots need to be reapplied?”

I didn’t play a priest in Legion. As I returned back to wow towards the end of it. I Quit during the end of wrath.

But I did play BFA on and off on Priest mainly.

I hated BFA’s version of it, specifically in pvp.

Pvp now is just zug zug – hyper mobility melee with casters mainly instant casting unless you can tank like warlocks. the whole voidform system in pvp with the priest just felt awful and was hard to swallow for me. Hated my power being gated away in that Cd as well.
I also generally dislike the idea that shadow form got pushed aside for voidform.

IMO-- they should have just made Shadowform a much more important part of the spec instead of just a one-button perma cloak.

how? idk I don’t get paid for this. but I can give some minor ideas that hopefully you might like. And if you don’t, maybe it inspires something else?

Shadowform " Driven more and more to the edge of insanity, the priest begins to let go of their connection with the light, entering a state of pure darkness and void. Thus, gaining an enhanced powered-up state known as Shadowform"

  • Shadowform no longer a perma buff

  • Shadow form now is a passive buff that has a chance to trigger when using shadow spells. – with a core talent turning it into your resource spender.
    (my goal is to make you want to be in this state often, as well as give you multiple ways of doing so with some level of control as well.)

  • other talent nodes can interact with it and increase proc chances.

  • Shadow form now makes mind flay and or mind spike castable while moving. (same for the insanity version)

  • All shadow dmg is boosted by 5-10%

  • Flashlight gets empowered and turns into Shadow Mend (maybe)

  • increases the priest’s vampiric leech effects to gain a bit more self-healing (maybe).

  • And again some fun talents that adds onto it. Maybe one talent causes void tentacles to spawn upon entering Shadowform, assisting you in battle… etc. You get me?

Then talents like this – new resource spender.

  • encroach shadows – spend insanity to force yourself into shadow form for a brief period, gaining all its effects.

Make DP not depend on insanity and just a CD like before
Make shadowform the resource dependent. your goal is to enter shadowform often to trigger its effects and unlock more passives and abilities.

Maybe SF allows you to use Doors of the shadow for example.
maybe mind blast triggers more often during SF.
Maybe DP’s cd has a chance to reset, etc etc.
It’s not a BIG CD you are locked out of. it’s a mechanic that you play around with and constantly try to get yourself into for a Boost in power, gaining new passives, and spells. etc.

Glyph – Cloak of the shadows. Allows people to constantly have a shadowy cloak like form – for those who want to have shadow form appearance 247

I quit in legion partly because they reworked shadow into a void priest. I absolutely hate legion shadow. I absolutely hate the current version of shadow as well!!! It’s been tough finding a caster I enjoy like WOD shadow or even mop or cata .

Edit: Blizz could help the community a lot if they split void and shadow themes into different specs. It seems like they just take anything the specs ever had and tried to condense it into 1 spec. I hate all the void crap they’ve added to shadow priest.

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I for one never want to maintain void form or shadow form as a spender or cd. It just feels awful to play.

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The problem with Legion Shadow was that it only did well in Raid content. In Mythic+ and PvP and other stuff with shorter fights, it just didn’t work well.


I fully agree with your thoughts on the voidform playstyle. I never liked how it was done. The idea itself wasn’t bad just poorly done like most things in this game. Now I am not saying mine is any better either.

I made it fixing all the things i did not enjoy.

1- the idea is that you are pretty much always getting into it. You are not locked out of your boon for a long period like the previous void form.
2- it is instant cast and not locked away by a cd since it procs a lot and you use resources to spend it. Being a resource means that you can get it to stack or save it for a better scenario if you feel like you won’t need it for that long. So this means you actually have control over it.
3- it actually improves your spells and makes them feel better to use. Stronger hits and heals, casting while moving, more procs from Mindblast and DP, etc.
4- not really a ramp-up playstyle.
5- it brings back the original SP style while doing something new.

Now whether it will be good or not on paper is unknown cuze its never really done lol.

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I really feel like blizzard could knock it out of the park by spending a little time and separating shadow into a dot heavy void spec that’s tanky with low mobility , and a pre legion version that’s a more mobile glass cannon playstyle in the next expansion.

For sure they can do it. The only reason they didn’t for DF was the scenario where we had no devs for almost the whole testing. =/.

i think in order for them to do this spec justice.

First they must stop trying to bring every iteration from the past back. We do not need nostalgia, we need function.

then come together and into terms on what shadow should be form this point.

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I would go even further and say that Priest need a fourth spec, like “VoidWeaver”=using shadow/void to heal and Have Disc solely focused on thorn damage. I say this because, Disc feels odd right now. Dunno if due to the fight mechanics or the Skills, and it is difficult to switch between damage and healing in Raids as Disc and like the most common complaint for shadow is constantly changing talents/loadouts for certain fights, even more so than before. And that is getting frustrating.

I for one use this often and find it very helpful. It rarely breaks if I’m using it for kiting purposes.

This was changed due to pvp concerns.


If I’m not mistaken, you along with many other prominent priests asked for this. Now that the abilities are essentially the same but offer different play styles it feels lacking? I see your point with the ability costing talent points, but then at that point it would be “mandatory” if it was just straight better. It either needs to be the same or deleted (or replace mind flay which would upset a lot of priests who’ve played with it forever).

Agreed. Most classes have this and I’m sick of using feathers, it’s janky. I know a lot of people bring up door of shadows but I think they can make a cooler spell with more flavor that can accomplish the same thing.

I don’t have strong opinions about your other points and agree with most, if not all the remaining. I do think shadow (and priest in general) are in a solid point compared to a lot of other classes. Certainly room for improvement, but a complete rework is not needed imo.

It was a horrible mistake for the developers to bring back Mind Spike. It has literally been a headache for both players and developers since its reintroduction during Dragonflight beta. It was either at odds with our mastery, causing button bloat, or creating a balancing nightmare with Mind Flay. They need to just get rid of Mind Spike.

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I had absolutely ZERO issues with mind spike in 10.0 . The “rework” is what ruined mind spike and mind flay, neither feel good to press now.

I personally hated it. It was button bloat. It’s main use was to be taken so that it could be used with Surge of Darkness. We had plenty of buttons that were barely used that Surge of Darkness could have affected.

Yeah it played a lot like the old shadow priest that was known as one of the harder specs to master. It’s really simple though, you only used mind spike when you had to be mobile. It was them throwing us a bone because we were turrets but a lot of people couldn’t grasp that idea so here we are with this crap.

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I didn’t have issues either with it.

My issue is the execution of the spec and the problems it added

This is why I just want them to let go off nestagia and just focus on getting the. Spec to feel good

Having two fillers battle it out with each other in the speech feels awkward. It’s. Already awkward that we have void and shadow doing the same thing. Now what they succeeded was adding another layer to the ongoing problem, mind spike vs mind flay.

Pet build just feels forced.
Majority of the. Last time talent nodes still don’t feel like they belong there.

Too many talents that focus on giving us our necessary talents.
Shadows presence in class tree issues still poorly done.

It’s just a mess imo.

Idc. What people say.
Dispersion should be in class tree, empowered in spec tree
Spell lock class tree, improved in spec Tree.

I would even dare. To say include some shadow spells in class tree for even other specs to tinker with. Disc. Already has so much shadows being added, why not mindflay?

Why so many talents for shadow word death.

I can goo on forever


I agree with what your saying. I still feel like blizz could fix a lot of the problem by divorcing shadow and void and creating a 4th spec.

Dispersion should be a class tool !!!

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