Shadow Priest feels...weird to play (PVP Battlegrounds)

I don’t really know how to put it into words. Like it feels like I can do decent damage with all of my CDs, but I don’t really do any damage otherwise. Most of my casts seem like they can just be ignored by the enemy, especially when you consider the danger levels of other DPS. Devouring Plague is the only spell that seems to make enemy health bars move, but it can be dispelled with little or no downside.

Is anyone else that’s playing Shadow Priest feeling this way?

You could try using Talbadar’s or Painbreak Pslam legendaries. Those will give you some increased damage. In BG’s you could also try running Void Torrent instead of Damnation.

Definitely run painbreaker psalm legendary. Big increase in damage. If you’re Venthyr, mind games hits pretty hard.

You have a grip, a life swap, a disease remover, a buff remover, an aoe ability to find stealthies, a raid wide stam buff, an aoe fear, shields, heals and vampiric embrace.

We’re utility, not fire mages. Devouring plague should be buffed significantly though

Edit: I thought I was on my sp. Giza-Hyjal

Thats the beauty of the Voidform design. All your power revolves around it. We are forced to navigate with it just like boomkin with their Incarnation form.

Bad lazy design is what plagues world of warcraft. Almost every class with the same lazy design with only a top few favorites gets more love.

you have to learn when to use the CD to maximize its potential. You can still do damage outside of it, but unfortunately, the cd is everything right now for most classes.