Shadow M+ - Necro x NF

Guys, focus on M + is better NF or Necro? Today I use Necro and I’m not sure if NF would be better.

With this new 100% buff on Necro, will it get much better?

NF would be better, the difference is very minimal though

Everybody in MDI is running necro with necro legendary. It’s doing wonders for them and it hasn’t been buffed yet.

Necro legendary is for pure single target and priority damage on mass aoe pulls.

If you’re pulling packs of 5-7 mobs maximum, sfp is better.

As for NF Vs necro covenant, necro is better for the longer higher keys where you can’t make as much use out of the burst provided by first strike. Just remember to use swd to proc carvers eye off yourself to extend the duration.