Shadow is bad

No one uses Shadow priests in their raids anymore
No wonder because Blizzard probably had some cry babies complaining about our dps
Now we are at the bottom
Beat by DK, Mages, Hunters, Rogues and especially Warlocks
I play Priest since 2005 and really are disappointed what Blizz did to them.

Shame on you

Taking out the fun playing this class


Same, im doing…ok… damage, since they took mind sear away. They should really buff psychic link. But what i dont really understand is how they consistently break shadow priests. First they start to take away our niche raid heal aspect and mana battery in earlier xpacs, then they yoyo between buffing/unbuffing us and when we do well in the dungeons, they break us again. oh and then nerf our PI too. Like damn


Because blizzard is bad.
It’s probably time to cancel our accounts again.
We just resubbed but having no fun playing a class is not worth it paying for


Its a conspiracy theory to turn all Shadow priests into Disc priests so there are more healers everywhere. It happened to me. Not playing Shadow this season unless it gets some major buffs or rework.

Never healed before now and honestly am having lots of fun with Disc

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