Shadow Crash

They were this close :pinching_hand:t2: To making Shadow Crash amazing. Cut the initial dmg in 1/2 and let it apply vamp touch to 8 targets. Or just remove the initial damage and let it apply vamp touch to all targets.

:pinching_hand:t2: This close.

Cataclysm ( from warlocks 1 talent applies immolate to all targets in 8 radius) 30 second cooldown, 180% spell power, 0 travel time.

Shadow Crash. 190 spell power. 1 talent for VT to 4 targets, 1 talent for Pain to 4 targets, 8 radius, 30 second cooldown. Shot long travel time.

I think for 2 talent point investment we can get dmg along with uncapped dot application.