<SGN> on Atiesh Alliance is Recruiting

Serious Guild Name

Recruitment Officers

Lus (Discord Hotfart#5740 BTAG Lus#1100)

& Nogoodjobs

Guild Focus:

PVE Raiding Heroic 25M content in Wotlk Classic.

__Guild Event Times: __

Main run - 630PM-9:30PM ST Wednesday/ Thursday

Second Run – Sunday 6:30PM- 10:30 PM ST Sunday (currently doing this run on Thursdays due to one day clear in the main run, once ICC is out this run will go to Sundays)

Guild Progression:

5/5 Heroic 25M TOGC and cleared all HMs in 25 Ulduar.

Recruitment Needs:

Main Run needs a HPAL, Caster DPS (pref Boomkin/ Mage/ Lock) & an Unholy DK
Second Run needs exceptional players.

Loot Rules:

Loot Council

About your Guild:

Our core has been together since classic vanilla and some even since retail wotlk/ TBC/ og classic. We have a good time and kill “hard” stuff. If you’re interested HMU in discord/ in game or join our discord and post your UI and logs in the “Applications” channel and an officer will reach out. Cheers!