(SGN) Area-52 7/8 m EP CE raiding guild LF Ranged DPS/Disc

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Current progression:
9/9M CE BoD
7/8M EP
Raid times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-1:30am EST)

About SGN:
SGN has been around for many tiers under different guild banners. Our guild on Area 52 is a newer guild comprised of old and new friends alike with one common goal: complete each tier at a cutting edge level. Our team leads have cutting edge experience from the previous versions of SGN, other guilds here and there.

SGN is currently looking for (but not limited to):

HIGH DEMAND(Immediate spots available)

  • Disc / Holy Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shadow Priest (Very high!!)
  • Warlock (High)
  • Mage

Exceptional applicants will always be considered regardless of demand.

The Ideal Candidate for SGN:

  • has freedom over their own schedule
  • is punctual
  • has knowledge of their respective class and game mechanics
  • has a working mic and discord installed
  • has similar raid progression for current content
  • wants to do all they can to progress on new content (weekly +10, consumables, warcraftlog digging, fight prep., etc.)

This all sounds great where can I apply?

Add us on battle.net!

  • Thug3299#1940


why hello there


well met…

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Welcome champions of the Horde


Hi frens!!

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6/8 now going for that CE


Hello again frens!


UwU whuts dis??

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I’ll be around wheres the ranged dps!!


Hi need some like minded raiders that wanna get CE with us =)


good guild


LF Those CE Boiz :smiley:

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Who wants to get CE


El bumperino

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Hit us up we could use more


Still looking for more for CE in EP


We need them dps!

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Hello anyone want to talk


Bring the Pump

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Hit me up i’ll be online