Several rares aren't properly spawning on Forbidden Reach

Wyrmslayer Angvardi and Mad-Eye Carrie aren’t spawning. Everytime only their adds are present, but the rare you need for the achievement is missing.
This needs to be fixed, otherwise you will not be able to finish the Champion of the Forbidden Reach achievement.


I came here seeking answers for the same.

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I was able to get it down eventually after switching to warmode. Mad-Eye Carrie is one of the rares that spawn infrequently.

I got it at some point completely randomly. I was literally camping him, then the event i needed started, flew there and 5 minutes later the rare spawned (the Wyrmslayer). Same with Mad-Eye. It’s really weird.

Came here to add that Loot Specialist is stuck in the floor in the War Creche. You can target him, but if you try an ability it says the target isn’t in the line of sight.