Several Class Adjustments Coming July 16

I agree with that.

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I’m amazed Benthic gear was not deactivated inside the raid for the opening of mythic, or straight up nerfed. People who know the math estimate that it is way better than mythic raid gear when the effect is active, equivalent to gear of an item level that does not even exist in the game yet.

Mr. Blue, was the change to the “interact” (the menu that comes out when you right click on someone’s portrait) IU intentional? You ca no longer check horde’s player gear, transmog or compare achievements.

Will under-performing essences will be buffed for certain specs?

And then everyone wonders why I don’t do PvP, especiall in BGs

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I just logged into a character of mine in Newhome, and I was able to Inspect and Compare Achievements on Horde player characters who were nearby.

My first thought – could you have an outdated addon getting in the way?

So we can go from one rushed, half-finished expansion with poorly thought out systems to a new rushed, half-finished expansion? No thanks. I’d rather not spend another $60 on an unfinished game.

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You can check your own faction, but your cannot check the opposite faction. The only options I am getting are report and cancel.

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Healers are already ridiculous, you don’t need to be even more ridiculous.

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Death to all healers thinking they’re gods are multitasking and surviving loads of damage because they can tank 1-2 dps heavy pressure or even 3. To be honest I wouldn’t mind healers the way they are if class balance was done properly.

Warrior love we lost our identity in Cataclysm and in MoP…especially MoP expecting us to use gag order in pve. The nerve of these developers.

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“several class adjustments” hehexd

Ret has pretty decent mobility in comparison to warlocks and dks. I actually don’t see much difference in ret and rogues.


Rogues and DKs and Locks are all viable in rated and arena. Matter fact DKs, Rogues and Monks are Meta.
Locks are A tier on any config.

Ret’s aren’t. 3v3 B tier at the absolute best if comped with good CC/healer. And it isn’t due to damage.

Mobility and lack of tangible CC. That tells you they aren’t the same.
Edit: is not impossible, not what i am saying. Just well below the curve in that area.

I’m a gladiator ranked player.

You? I’m guessing not even rated at all. Probably just an LFR hero.

Long Arm of the Law was a good and fair talent imo. It was the one that increased the Paladins movement by 50% for 3 seconds after landing a Judgement.

It also had good flavor for the class. A lot more than that silly horse imo. The horse is so incredibly silly looking.


Bwahahahaha, gratz on wasting more time than me and ending up whining about healers in the end.


I agree completely and it would address so many issues. But I’ve been under the impression that Long Arm is considered too good by developers currently. Have no idea if its true but clearly not the direction they are going.

A few hundred matches a season is not as much time as you think. I never whined about healers, heck I don’t even play right now. I was just pointing out that the guy before me told you exactly why it was a good change, which the majority of high ranked players agree with and even requested after the tournaments. The fact you’re crying about a healer nerf shows you’re ignorant to this game. Imagine spending all your time playing a game and still being trash at it. LMAO.

Contradiction and low bailing. :rofl:

Mass assumption

I made you mad didn’t I :rofl::rofl:

It’s not a contradiction. I got my gladiator back in January. Stopped queuing right after the season ended and haven’t played since. I subbed for classic beta and soon to be classic.

It’s also not a mass assumption. I follow many of the notable players on Twitter and most of them complained about the long dampening games as well as Rdruids. Both were nerfed, many of them celebrated yesterday. Anybody who gets angry over a forum post is a waste of energy. I’m simply responding, that’s it. It’s also why I rarely frequent the GD and BG forums. It’s infested with morons with no skill level at all which is why they cry over every nerf even if it’s a good change. :joy: