Several Class Adjustments Coming July 16


I think I read about this in Big Whoop the magazine.


Rise of a what?


Can you guys finally nerf classes or buff the underperforming ones that have been struggling for almost a year in pvp? Thanks.


Resto druids have needed a nerf for a while now. Glad it’s finally coming. As mentioned, they have the best mobility, amazing cc, and defensives, so I doubt 10% will hurt them too much.

I’m a little disappointed with the arcane mage buff. 6% is kinda meh.


“Several” is a single Overall change and a single PvP-specific change.

The rest are items & essences, also in PvP-specific environments.

I’m not annoyed. I think balance in PvE is actually pretty average and I don’t know enough about PvP to comment. I just think the term “several” is misleading. Makes it sound like you’re doing some huge class tuning pass, but you’re not.


just cut your losses and make a new expac already, literally everything introduced in BFA was a step backwards


Time for a thousand-post thread of complaints… followed by a separate thread complaining about the lack of class tuning…

Just say you don’t want healers to PVP and be done with it. Geeezz


dps expect to be able to mongo solo a healer and then stuff like this happens and then they genuinely wonder why they can’t find decent healers anywhere. most of them stop doing randoms and make friends/a team with people who peel and everything else randos refuse to do. i’ve debating doing one of my healers into rated bgs too because i get sick of “healz?” when someone runs right past a bunch of ally dps beating on me (and i DIE) to “kill” someone who is being healed by two healers they don’t even seem to realize are there.


You say this but even after every nerf to healers there are still a ton queuing.

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This. Resto Druids are severely ahead of the curve in pvp and I would say more than 10% nerf, they need an increase in CD for their CC’s. The combination of short CC’s, Hots AND mobility is pretty disgusting right now.

When you put arguably the most annoying healer to shame (monks) in terms of mobility, you know you are broken.

I would also look into Shadow Priest being a little too strong in healing as well. I don’t mind it too much, but I don’t like that they can be a full healer in bg’s in dps spec.

I also think that CC’s for DH are out of hand given, again, the extreme mobility they have.

Arcane should go up to 10% across the board at least, if not maintain the 6% and bump their Barrage to match a GPyro or a Chaos. That would make it much interesting and dangerous since its instant cast.

And as always, I continue to plead… Ret mobility. Non-existent. Halp.


paladins have our pony though. remember when they datamined that it would be 8s on a ptr? lolol. the forums.

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its because of the new essences. yesterday during the arena championships the healers werent running out of mana

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Dps always cries about healers - 14 years running

Either you can’t kill them or you don’t have them

Be original for once. Geezzz X 2

I play a healer and I think healers are ridiculously good right now. Holy priest is one of, if not the weakest, healers and I can hold my own fine. Honestly, I think the other healers need to be brought back down to holy priest levels.

I mained Holy Paladin for Pvp for about 10 years. I know about broken classes very well hahahaha.
I also know about the QQ from dps not being able to 1v1 healers.

I’m still very solid on Resto Druid currently being beyond good. It needs to be addressed. And it’s lees about the healing throughput and more about mobility+CC

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I just want arms to not be a bleed spec. If arms gets adjusted to upfront damage again I’ll play forever

Arms has historically been a bleed spec. That is their specialty. Fury is about brunt damage. You want a spec to not be the spec?

EDIT: I can see that you may mean to up the damage on MS and OP. Perhaps

Ret have everything else. They dont need good mobility too