<Sever> (A) Stormrage – T & Th 8-10pm EST - 5/8H – Casual Raiding Guild

is a newly formed guild on Stormrage looking to build a 2/3/9 AotC team. Our guild was created by a handful of former mythic players who have played together for several years but wanted to take a more casual approach to raiding.

Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm EST. It’s also common to find people running M+ most nights in between.

Recruiting Priorities
1 more full-time healer (Restro Druid would be ideal)
2 or 3 more DPS classes. Mage, Pally, DH, and Warrior are a high priority.

Feel free to contact us via BNET or Discord to chat further!

Wargames#1502 – BNET
Wargames#6446 – Discord
Bawb#11401 - BNET
Bawbers#8535 - Discord

Disclaimer Those interested should be over 18. We try to keep our chats very “family friendly” and in no way offensive or filled with adult jokes… also that is completely a lie. You should probably have a sense of humor and enjoy obscene, adult jokes.