Sethrak RP!

Greetings from Wyrmrest accord! With Shadowlands making leveling a breeze, I finally got around to leveling a rogue to the appropriate level on this server to get my disguise and prism going.

Do we have any proud active Sethrak skulking about on this server? If so, I’m sure my character would love to meet you!

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I believe we have tipsy folk wandering Stormwind from time to time. I cannot recall any names or guilds in particular however. :snake:

I Ssstill hope for a Sssethrak race!

Same here! If anyone is interested in creating a Sethrak please let me know! A big hug and a kiss to all your scaly party animals out there.

Yus! There are THREE of them that do a booth at the Stormwind Market EVERY Monday at 7:30pm server over by the sw stoackades, you’ll know them when you see em you can’t miss those big birds for nothin!

I meant to say birds, not bears, got those Jontont Memes on the brain lmao

Solvic is a neat Sethrak player from time to time on MG, mostly on WRA. Good danger noodles are the best.


My friend was robbed of his socks by a snake lady. I got to punch her in the mouth and give them back. Fun was had by all.

More snek people please.

Lmao, what? xD A sock thief is definitely a… unique idea for a character

How does one become a zappy-snake?! o_o Teach me.

She was a just a regular strong-arm robber. Its just that socks was all my friend had and his suffering was her nourishment.

More unique races are always welcome. I’ve seen a few sethrak here and there!

How does one get such an item to look like a Sethrak?

Glyph of disguise pickpocket with rogue

Buy reflecting prisms on AH

Make an alt account low level (rogue pref for stealth)

Group with your alt and swap with them to keep disguise up.

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How does that make you a danger noodle though? Do you get to pick what you want to look like or something?

Find a sethrak model you like, use pickpocket and take it. My personal favorite is the Faithless Egg-Tender

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^^ This. But if you don’t want to mess with an alt account, just have someone party up with you and agree to let you swap appearances with them. :wink:

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I welcome more tspy snakes noodling around.