Set Our Expectations Please

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They forgot down the line class first spec second


Didn’t they introduce the spec damage auras in Legion so as to make it easier to make quick adjustments to specs? Why aren’t they using that now? It used to be that there would be a small class balance adjustment every 2 weeks or so in Legion. Now there’s absolutely nothing, and the class changes in 8.2 PTR are measly as well.


Thats also what they said about mastery back when it was introduced. “An easy knob to tune classes.”

They fear tuning. So we all suffer because of their self-created fear.

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Guide to setting expectations of class design in BFA, by Professor Otto Lidenbrock:

Step One: Set them as low as possible.

Step Two: Grab a flight to Reykjavík, wait until the last few days of June…

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Based on the forbes article:

Class Changes and Revamps

  • Full class overhauls are something that happens in a new expansion update and not a patch.
  • Legion was an exception because it reinvented so many specs from the ground up.
  • Rotational changes, removing/adding abilities, etc are a jarring experience. This is the sort of change that is best received within the broader sweeping changes of a new expansion.
  • They will always address under performing talents or classes in patches.
  • There are definitely specs on the radar for a rework, but nothing to announce now.

I think we’re pretty much stuck with what we’ve got. They picked one hell of a crappy expansion to start this philosophy. I’ve been gone on vacation for two weeks and didn’t play at all the week before. Not even interested in my weekly conquest cap and m+10 any more.

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Yeah, everytime they add an ability I have to see my psychiatrist because I can’t cope with the situation. Come on, Blizz. Just flat out say you are not interested in changing anything and don’t blame the players or their capacity for not implementing changes. This is ridiculous.


if they think removing abilities is a jarring experience then the transition from WOD to legion (ie. mass prune) must have been some kind of apocalyptic nervous breakdown event


Sure, but “full class overhaul” means something like the last two expansions of Survival and Demonology, or the addition of Insanity/Voidform to Shadow, or the removal of Holy Power from non-Ret Paladins. Just because they’re not going to do that doesn’t mean they’re not going to do anything.

Surrender to Madness was changed mid expansion when it was broken and mandatory. Feral talents were changed mid expansion when three talents that synergized too well (in numbers terms) also produced a playstyle lots of people hated.

There’s no reason they can’t apply a similar level of change to Spirit Bomb or Breath of Sindragosa or whatever other spec needs something more than just tuning. If they want to.

The thing that’s making so many people nervous is the lack of communication compared with lack of frequent PTR iterations and not knowing what they have in mind for a patch date. That makes it possible to fear that they honestly think everything is fine with specs that players consider not fine at all (not just underperforming in general, but anti-fun talents being mandatory from a performance perspective).

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That is ALL of Afflictions talent tree meta right now. LOL

they really should just take polls on multiple sites of contact for extra data on what the forums seem to agree on what is the worst class spec right now. don’t have to act on it but at least give us the illusion they are thinking and looking at it.

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They say they don’t want to revamp classes mid expac because it would confuse returning players.

My question is how big of an issue is this really? What portion of WoW’s population are players who return mid expac, and how many of them would actually be legitimately mad about having to relearn their spec (especially if the previous iteration was part of the reason they left in the first place)?

I can’t speak for everyone who plays this game, but I know that class revamps would be the only thing that would make me actually return to BfA mid expac to begin with. I can imagine this may be true for a substantial amount of others, but I may be wrong.

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SB doesn’t need a change. The rest of the class needs to be reorganized to make SB conditionally superior as opposed to the best all of the time.

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This seems to come from the same mind that finds “adding/removing abilities jarring”. A lot of players return one or two expacs later. Aren’t they confused by the class changes of Legion?
We definitely need some kind of self-help group for all those confused and helpless players. Blizz, make it happen! There is money to be made!

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The funny thing is, they don’t even need to think too hard about revamps.

There are 14 years of class development that Blizzard can pull from… and this is the classes that we get.

Absolutely disgusting.


And they cant use the excuse “we dont want to reuse things”

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“Looks at all the baseline abilities in regular and pvp talent trees.”