Set bonuses in next patch

I wonder what’s people’s opinion on this set for PvP. Burning for this much HP doesn’t really sound… well… healthy(?) in a PvP scenario. And since it was already stated PvP will have its own way of acquiring tier sets, it only makes it more obvious that the idea is flawed from its conception.

TBH prolly just won’t be used in PvP.

If you cross CC properly and get off your combust you already have way more than enough damage to kill a player. The extra fb/pf charges simply aren’t needed. Maybe in BGs where you could tab target and melt more people after the first kill it could have use, but in arenas you simply don’t need it, you can already land kills with current bust and the games usually over once you land a kill.

Don’t you think that’s a problem though? Regardless of it being used or not, a prevalent feature of the new patch is possibly going to be skipped because it is actually detrimental. This should 100% be looked at by Blizzard. I like the idea of high risk, high reward, but making it the only spec with such a risk doesn’t really work imho. It should be all or nothing, like everyone gets it or no one does.

Sure, it’s definitely not ideal when a 4 piece just won’t be used in one part of the game.

I mean looking at them the arcane set bonus seems like the only one that would be useful in PvP, an instant cast TotM seems nice. The frost one looks bad, you can’t control the proc so you can’t line it up during goes, and it could in theory break a CC if you got unlucky. At least it doesn’t actively kill you I guess, but it still seems really bad for PvP.

I think what they should do is have separate set bonuses on PvP gear. IIRC they have done this in the past. Then they could make those set bonuses be tailored to PvP, since the current ones very clearly are designed for PvE. They could make it so the PvP bonuses only work in combat vs other players, similar to how PvP talents work, so they wouldn’t have to worry about balancing them for PvE and PvP.

The frost set bonuses are the worst out of all 3, so idk what OP is talking about. At best its a 5% increase while fire’s set is up to a 19% increase.

The problem with frost’s set is that, according to wowhead, the proc consumes a winter chill proc. So the set is literally a dps loss bc instead of using the proc with furry, the set consumes it.

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The arcane set looks fun. Then again, Tough of the Magi under “Charged up” was already instant cast, which essentially gave 4 charges of Arcane Balls of Boom.

I hope that the new set makes it not only instant cast, but off the global cooldown. Everything in the damn arcane toolkit has a global cooldown.

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Hopefully that’s just a bug and will be fixed. I don’t see it going live, and if it does then I guess they just outright don’t want people going Frost.

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Frost is ruined by everything this expansion being tied into Icy Veins.

It’s such a joke CD … the tier set needs to focus on something else to be competitive with Fire and Arcane in 9.2.

I was praying we’d recruit a mage for our prog team so I could reroll but nope … stuck mage for another tier and wondering what spec I’ll play (knowing I’ve come to not enjoy any of the three for raiding).



The sad part is that even if they make it so it doesn’t consume winter chill procs, the comet would HAVE to benefit from the winter chill buff to be a 2-4% dps increase. Knowing blizz, they won’t because it either consumes the proc or it doesn’t get buffed. That means if they make it so it doesn’t consume the proc and it doesn’t get the benefit either, the set is NOT a dps increase. So, if mages take the set and they are lower ilvl from m+ gear, the set will be a dps LOSS because the bonus does not contribute to the dps.

Substantially disappointing. I was looking to main frost mage, but looking at other specs getting 20%+ dmg increases on their bonuses, why would I choose to hinder myself on a set that is a complete waste of time? Not to mention all the sets are aesthetically disappointing at best.

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They’re changing the Brewmaster, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, and Spriest tier sets.

Taking bets now that they leave the Frost Mage one as-is lol



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Very, very disappointing considering frost us just an abysmal set.

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Even more disappointing considering how frost has performed in raids all expansion. This “we want Thermal Void to be your be all and end all” is another developer fail.

I’d kill for the Glacial Spike build from BfA again.

I gave notice that I’m rerolling next tier. I’ll keep my mage as my M+ alt but I just don’t enjoy raiding on it at all anymore.



My raid group needs a mage, but its just me and one other looking to switch. However, he plays fire and that 20% set bonuses buff won’t leave much competition against my frost.

Guess I’m sticking to either balance drood or my hunter.

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Believe it or not, if you go on the 9.2 development forum, the mage thread is the most vocal about the tier set being rubbish than any other class…I think they’ll respond to it, it can’t be ignored lol


Yeah, noticed that. That being said, the devs dont have a great track record with mages imo.

Look at this expansion alone: nerf this, buff that, change your spec, change your covenant, change your legendary, do the hokey pokey and play something else lol.

Frost got a ST buff a year into the expansion and it still sits at middle of the pack if not lower so I’m convinced they want it to be an AOE niche/key pumper spec and they don’t care that their whole gameplay around TV makes raiding as a frost mage feel terrible.


It WOULD consume it, assuming the comets could even hit a walking target. If the proc happens while kiting or the mobs/boss is moving? none of them will even hit.

That is the issue with the set. The set bonus is unreliable in movement-heavy fights and m+. This means that IV does not get the CD reduction as well as not getting the damage but still consuming the proc. Plus, when the comet storm procs, it consumes the active winter’s chill proc, instead of allowing the player to use it on furry.
For example, in a movement heavy fight, the storm procs with a winter’s chill proc up. It consumes the proc but misses the target. At this time the mage not only loses the damage from the comet storming missing but also loses out on the missed damage from the furry proc.
Therefore, the set is completely useless and a DPS LOSS on movement-heavy fights. But even with none-movement fights, the PROC is not a dps increase when it consumes the winter’s chill proc because furry does more dmg. Second, if there isn’t a winter’s chill proc up, then the comet storm does very little damage. Third. the set is ONLY a dps increase when all the comet storm procs hit the target, but only by a mere 5%, at most, because of the CD reduction to IV. But even then, IV is a weak CD, and therefore the set bonus is weak at best. In comparison to the other two mage sets, it only contributes, at best, 1/2 of the second-best tier set (arcane). If you look at the class sets across the board, Frost is one, if not the lowest contributing sets out of all the classes.

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Comet Storm does consume Winter’s Chill charges. Interestingly it does it as soon as you press the spell, like even before it lands on the target.

Although in fairness, as part of min/max you can always track the ICD of the free Comet & try to not use BF-Flurry as it’s coming up. Granted, this wont always be possible but it does seem like a reasonable workaround.

The biggest issue as pointed above is the fact that if the Comet whiffs you’re in trouble, numbers-wise.

I actually wish the tier set gave something to Frost to handle spread out AoE; it has no answer in its kit for such a scenario.

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I tried the frost mage set this morning and wow this thing can be $hit. It happened already twice, pulled several mobs (7-8) together popped CDs, orb and Blizzard, and Comet Storm proced when 1-2 mobs left alive. A good 10 sec into the fight!

Even on single target fights, popping CDs and frozen orb, it was not guaranteed that it will proc CS during the duration of the orb, which makes it even worse. Have fun throwing 3-4 frostbolts that are 10% stronger. Yikes

They should at least change it to a guaranteed proc every 30sec.

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