<Service Now> : 9/9H LFM AOTC / CE Players (Ranged DPS - Casters)

Progress: https://raider.io/guilds/us/zuljin/Service%20Now 7
Raid Time: Tu\We, 8-11p EST.
Server: Zul’jin
Faction: Horde

We got a slow start to this tier, due to role swaps and new characters, but we are up and ready to go. We are looking at progressing towards a full guild AOTC achievement, then a hard push into Mythic.

We have an established and reliable core of players, with a unique dynamic. Seeking like-minded folks to join us.

Ideally looking for players with 430+ item levels.

If you are interested, then please message me on discord / battle.net.

Disc: Aerbax#2889
Battle.net: Aerbax#11297

Still seeking them unicorns.

Looking for RSham a DH and some ranged

Still searching

Healers in general? leggo?

Still seeking DPS - will entertain a DH \ Sham\ Spriest \ Mage \ Warlock and any healer that isn’t a RDrood. :smiley:

Still seeking ranged! :smiley:


still seeking ranged dps - mage\lock\spriest\ele sham

need a mage asap

still seeking mage that can pull a min 60k dps, will funnel :smiley:

Seeking some DPS to fill the roster. Need 4 more.