Servers down?

every time I try to log into wow right now its telling me that there are no servers currently available? (BLZ51934200)


same (BLZ51934200)


annoying cause it says my friends from other servers are online still…but i cant even get in to change servers…

Yup, me too. But hubby is fine…

Same here. First it says log in servers are full, then it says no servers available.

Same problem here.

Same, also says friends are online playing

same here, I was logged in and went to change servers, now no servers available

Same here. Guild members are in game but I can’t get in.

May be getting DDOS

Same problem on Tichondrius again, No Servers available. Crash occurred going from orgrimmar to Oribos.

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Same here, servers are borked

Login servers are prob down as im in a discord listening to some of my guildies run keys >:C

can confirm just got kicked and cant rejoin servers

The end is nigh!

thats a daily thing for me going through the portals

I was on torgast and just get kick out of the server and now cannot enter…

same here, buddy in the other room isnt having any problems, other than saying our guild tab isnt working

Same problem with Dalaran

Same thing for Overwatch…Blizzard are getting DDOSed…