Server Transfers in SoM

Will server transfers be in season of mastery just like in classic?

I’ll be starting on the Obsidian Edge PVE server (US West) tomorrow b/c I don’t care for PVP servers and this server is in the timezone where I live so I’m hoping to find a guild with raid times that work better for me rather than the US East PVE server.

My concerns are that it sounds like a lot of the hardcore community will be on the server, so I’m not sure how that will affect the economy and if there will still be a good amount of non hardcore players to group up with for some of the harder quests, dungeons, especially the 50-60 ones and a good amount of activity on the AH. Worst case, I plan on doing a server transfer to the other PVE server after hitting 60 if I experience these issues, assuming server transfer is still going to be a paid option from the start.

I don’t know all the details about the hardcore / road to rag rules, will people just be playing normally after they hit those goals? Or will a lot of hardcore people just quit the game after they achieve that goal and not care for the rest of the phases? (or fail their goal and quit as well).


you can’t go from PVE to PVP only from PVP to PVE

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She never said she wanted to transfer to a PvP server, quite the opposite.

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This is my first time posting on the forums. I started playing on Barman Shanker with a friend a few days after the SoM launch. I’m level 27 now but everybody plays on Jom Gabbar. I really don’t want to reroll! Jom Gabbar is the main SoM pvp server. I play late at night and it’s impossible to find a group on Barman Shanker. Please give us server transfers.


It would be very good if they enable the transfer since there are servers that are literally dead, yesterday in prime time it was 3 hours late in setting up a party to go to Maraudon: /, the AH is literally dead, it has no movement

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