Server Transfer in Classic

I kind of figured. Seems like cheating.

Logical. Still, leveling to 60 takes a long time. Would suck to have people locked to PvE servers forever. Makes sense though, so as long as people know it’s a permanent decision rolling PvE.

Don’t roll a pve server then lol

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Along these lines, did they have faction transfers at all? I am assuming no but I like the idea of allowing them if only to help those who wish to aid in keeping faction balance. I mean if people want to spend cash to keep factions from getting out of control, how is that not a win-win?

Yes, I remember reading a blue post stating that it would never happen.

I’ve learned that in Activizzard Language, “never” means, “our profits are doing well this quarter”.

I’m fine with server transfers, I believe they were available in 1.12 weren’t they?

No faction transfers. That’s probably a better question though.

One could certainly argue that rolling the more dominant faction is a competitive edge. People would roll whatever is stronger to level to 60 then faction transfer for better PvP Q times.

That was implemented mid-WotLK.


I do believe they had paid character transfers by 1.12. So they should have them in Classic.

But it wasn’t exactly something you could do at any time. IIRC there was a time period you had to wait after transferring before you could so it again. I think it was a month or so.

According to it was a 6 month time period you had to wait before transferring again.


No server transfers, that’s a BFA level of stupidity. Nothing killed community in WoW more than allowing server transfers. Completely ruined server identify and server communities.

Sick of seeing these idiotic posts that are rehashes of the absolute stupidity from 14 years ago that lead to current retail.


There is no dominant faction in vanilla though. You can make your argument for whats better, but then I can make a counter argument for the exact opposite.

Faction transfers will not be allowed nor should they be. If you want to reroll you just do it the old fashion way.

K but it was available in vanilla though…


Server xfers came out in vanilla.

DHKs were stupid and pointless too. But they were in 1.12. Realm transfers were in 1.12. Sorry bub.

Faction dominance on some servers will be palpable. Imagine a 3:1 ratio on a server where any horde tagging a quest mob will immediately get bullied by 3 alliance.

Something to consider is what happens with battlegrounds.
If battle groups are a thing then I don’t see as much of an issue.
If battle groups are not a thing then I don’t think transfers can happen.
Simply because some servers will progress quicker than others. People or guilds could transfer to slower servers for an advantage.

That’s an extreme scenario that only happened to a handful of servers. If it happens then it happens tough luck. Faction xfers are literal cancer keep that junk out of here.

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I feel it should only be a thing if a server collapses.

It’s kinda hard to know what servers going to be popular at launch and then remain so after.

This is correct. It was a part of Vanilla, and if they make mistakes and end up with dead servers, likely it’ll happen again for merges.

Personally I would allow them with the same restrictions as back then.
If someone is desperate enough to pay what 25 bucks or whatever it is to switch server then go ahead.

Usually they are necessary at the point when your servers community has already pretty much died but there is no corrective action from Blizzard.
Personally I would rather have that option available than be stuck on a dead server.

And as many have pointed out they were around in Vanilla so they can be part of Classic if Blizzard so deems.

Can agree. Faction transfers aren’t reasonable.

Honor system gains are rank based, so theoretically, all servers will have the same number of Rank 12-14s.

If you’re speaking of PvE progression, don’t really see a difference between a top guild starting on a server or them being on a server from the beginning. In either case, the opposing faction would have to deal with them.