Server population for a new player?

Played classic briefly at launch and just came back. I am trying to pick a server. I’ve always played on RP servers but the population seems so much lower on BB compared to others I am wondering if it would be a good pick for someone trying to level up. I was playing on Grobbulus but I am sick of the ganking and don’t really want to deal with that anymore.

I’m looking for a good community obviously but also want to be able to find groups to do the lower level dungeons and elite quests.

I would be rolling on the alliance side.

In short I guess I am asking one, is the community good enough to off set the smaller population, and two is the community large enough to provide an enjoyable leveling experience?

Thank you for any feed back.

Hi. This server’s community is amazing, so helpful and friendly. I haven’t had too much difficulty finding groups for dungeons and elite quests. Depending on the time of day, it might take a little bit of patience to form a group, but it will happen.

IMO, the Alliance pop is perfect. It’s not crowded like Pagle, where it might be challenging to farm certain things. But it’s far from “dead”, where you find yourself alone all the time in most of the zones.


Pardon the pun, but the Horde pop is a little barren though it’s still pretty strong in my opinion. We’ve got a good community at work I feel, but the overall lack of folks can make things tough at times.

Heya Mardonius, I was in a very similar situation having played at launch and just returned this week to BB. While I’m sure there is not as much activity as the super-pop realms, I have had no trouble finding groups alliance side on my warrior or L44 shadow priest (Wxy).

Thank you much friends. Took the plunge and rolled up a rogue alliance side. Leveled a priest and warrior in original classic so trying something different.

I’m in the same boat - played a bit at launch, and now I’ve come back to Classic. I’ve had no trouble finding people and groups while I’ve been leveling, and everyone’s been great so far.