Server missing on the Support article for connected realms

I wonder if anyone can tell me why the server Aman’Thul (Oceanic realm) is not listed on the support page for connected realms here:

Connected Realms - Blizzard Support (

Unless I’m having an eye issue, I have searched the page 3 times without locating it, either as a connected or separate server. (Note there is a server of the same name in the European listing, but I am definately not playing on EU…)

I dont believe its a connected realm i could be wrong but i cant seem to find any proof its connected if im wrong we know shortly

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In which case it should be listed on the unconnected server list below the connected ones - which it isn’t. It’s just not there at all.

Do make sure to leave feedback on the bottom of the support page.

If nothing else, the forums here should also show which realms are solo, and which are connected, in the main forum list.


It does show Aman’Thul as a standalone down the bottom of the list. Can I presume it is an up-to-date list? The main reason I went to Support was because I presume it would be more accurate than what might be shown on the forums.

The list was updated 1 month ago, listed in the article. There were no connections in US retail for a long time though, so for the US side, I can’t say and there are too many servers to see for sure.

I did a CTRL-F, and did not see it listed on the support article though.


It does indeed seem to be a stand-alone realm, according to the forums list. It does appear to be missing in the list linked though.

They’re not perfect and sometimes these things happen. Just need to flag it with hitting the “No” at the end of the article and reasoning.


The interesting point is that the forum list of connected servers shows Saurfang (another Oceanic server) as being unconnected, while the support lists hows them as:

  • Caelestrasz, Nagrand, Saurfang

Likewise the support article shows this:

  • Gundrak, Jubei’Thos, Frostmourne, Dreadmaul, Thaurissan

While the list on the forum shows Frostmourne as being single.

So again, errors. I wonder if they are any others outside Oceanic. Its kind of difficult to be sure just what is or is not connected given this series of inaccuracies.

The issue is that you can only select “Yes” or “No” with no option to leave reasoning, so it’s hard to convey the message.

A while ago I asked a similar question and was directed to the Website Feedback forum.

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Then that would be where you leave the feedback for this issue as well.

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Yeah, I was simply stating that to convey that general support article feedback should go there no matter the issue since the article feedback form is very lacking.

Hopefully that works for OP.

For future reference, should you ever wish to check the status of a realm (i.e., whether it is connected or not), you can use this script in game:

/run local realms=GetAutoCompleteRealms() s="" if(realms[1]) then s="\nConnected Realms:" for k, v in pairs(realms) do s=s.."\n"..v end else s="Your realm is not connected." end print(s)

If your realm is part of a connection (like my current realm) it will list all the connected realms.

If your realm is not connected (like Mal’Ganis), then it will state that.


Cool but Im unlikely to remember that, and I mostly need it before logging on so I can tell who I can send stuff to. Naturally when I get on I can try and if it doesnt work they arent connected. I was just hopping for a web reference page that was accurate and up to date that I save and just click to.

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You could just make a macro with the script and save it in game.


I may have done that myself. >.>

Thanks, Kyzera!


OK, I tried that and it did work, so that helps, thanks a lot.


Its connected to Khazgoroth. The only non connected oceanic server is Barthilas - which honestly makes no sense. They connected like 4 realms to Frostmourne who had a collective population over all the other oceanic realms. Left Barthilas kinda out of the loop.

Frostmourne - Dreadmaul/Gundrak/Jubei’Thos/Thaurissian
Khaz’gototh - Aman’Thul/DathRemar
Caelestrasz - Nagrand/Saurfang
Barthilas - no connection