Server merges need to happen!

Frostmourne horde is dead
Barth ally is dead
Barth horde is slowly dying in general

Every other oce server is dwindling or non existant at this point.
We have to shard to na to be able to do cta

I just want to be able to play vulpera without getting to end game and realizing everyone’s on alliance and mythic raiding on horde doesn’t exist.

Please do something about this for shadowlands!

There are atleast 3 guilds in mythic nyalotha atm on saurfang horde which has one of the lowest populations atm. If you want to play horde as oceanic u still can. Barth is still doing fine

Its just another I cant do this thing so here is an excuse why its all blizzs fault.

So you’re telling me that there is no OCE faction imbalance at all?

No im not saying that. But that has nothing to do with being able to raid or do mplus. Might make it more challenging but name an oce server and a faction and I can find a guild that does high end content so saying its impossible is just false

If you look at horde though vs alliance it’s about double ally mythic guilds to horde
Then about 20 to 1 that are actually progressed further than the first few bosses
Then out of the actual progressed guilds on horde you might be lucky if they are recruiting let alone your class

I’m not saying it’s impossible
But it feels like a dumb decision to go horde. I just want it so it doesn’t feel like a dumb decision, one big balanced server would just feel so much better than a bunch of dead or extremely unbalanced servers imo

this should have happened a long time ago
Blizz has totally neglected the server communities in favour of a few more xfer $$
its shameful, and they’re destroying their own game through neglect

they should have merged all the oce realms into 2 or 3 ages ago

spare a thought for alliance barth players

they should take all barth alliance and move them to FM and all FM horde to barth.

easiest fix to a problem