Server Locked and Friends want to join

Hey, So me and my friend started playing WoW Classic recently and we’ve been enjoying it for awhile now. We started near the start of this month and we chose the server Sulfuras.
Not knowing that it was eventually going to get Locked in coming weeks/days. Well we ended up getting another friend interested in playing and he just bought a month sub. But when he tried to join the server he said he couldn’t because its locked. I had 0 idea this would happen. Like I said we just started playing and I don’t go out of my way to check these forum’s after I start playing the game.

So whats the options? Regardless we were going to make new characters because were about level 20 and are friends would be level 1. The issue is we can’t have are mains without each of spending 25 bucks to do a server transfer which is kinda BS. Once a server is locked we should get a free transfer or a hefty discount on transfers.

Like I said we were unaware this would happen. We just started playing around the start of the month and I’m very disappointed in the current situation that we have to pay 50 bucks total. The last option would be for us to be lucky and MAYBE get free transfers down the line? Which could be months before that happens. Just isn’t fair.


Your options are to start a new character on a different realm along with your friend so that you can all level together. The lock is hard coded into the system so even a GM cannot bypass it and is used to prevent realm instability and queues.


No good options. The entire point of locking a realm is so there are no more players joining it.

Pick a new realm and everyone join up. Then, work towards transferring your Sulfuras characters to the new realm.

They offer free character migrations when a realm gets too overpopulated. The moves from Sulfuras ended earlier this month. You could definitely wait to see if they are offered again, especially with many players coming back for Wrath.


Blizzard haven’t given any good options for situations like this, customer support are not able to help and the devs remain silent on the dozens of posts like this that I’ve been reading on the forums every day. This is a quote from their post about locking the servers " We’ve been hesitant to this because we really dislike restricting player movements and potentially breaking up social circles, but that ethos is no longer compatible with the reality we find ourselves in.".

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Its so silly of them to do this. I understand locking servers but they should allow free transfers instantly after they are locked. Or at the very least give heavy discounts like 5 dollar transfers. Id be a lot more willing if it was 5 bucks instead of 25.

I know are character’s aren’t even high level but still. We both put time and effort into them.

Guess my best bet it just to wait until they become free again

They haven’t?

That looks like a really good option to me. Able to start on a new realm with your friends at the same level as you is a great option.


I feel it’s a good time for a reminder that just because feedback/suggestions are posted does not mean they will be implemented.

Probably also a good time to remind that if feedback/suggestions lead to implementation, it’s not an instant process. It takes time to plan and execute such things.


I can’t speak for the OP but I have 273 days played on my main, many in my guild have put a similar amount of time into their characters and just telling us all to reroll a week before launch isn’t a good option in my opinion.

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It was an instant process for them to lock the servers and split up friend groups and guilds. If it took them time to plan and execute it would have been nice for them to tell the community so people didn’t get forced into this position with zero notice.


They did. Everytime they open character migrations, they say that once the realms reach a certain level, migrations will end. They specifically say to not wait, because they can end at a moment’s notice.


I am referring to when the realms were initially locked for paid transfers shortly after prepatch launch, if they gave any notice I would have moved my main and not be angrily posting on the forums. My situation is slightly different from the OP so im sorry for the confusion but the management of the servers has been abysmal and splitting up so many people who just want to play the game together, so I empathize with the OP

I think this is really not fair with the new players!

It creates barriers and break social circles.

My cousin has never played the game, and now, when he finally decides to play, he cannot join our realm, where all our friends and family play, because it is locked for new characters.

What a huge disappointment.

And they give us no other plausible options.

Make all our friends pay for realm transfer?
Start from scratch in a new server and abandon months of time invested?

We ask you Blizzard, is that fair?

My cousin has already asked for refund, and if Blizzard does not find a solution for this, many other new players shall do the same.

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If we’re going by the realm of this character you’re posting on? Sulfuras is offering free character migration off of that particular realm per their support article. So there is a very plausible option that will cost the lot of you nothing at all. You would all just need to make a decision and all try and do it together simultaneously so as to not risk the new realm locking up or the free transfers closing up.


It’s not ideal, but in the grand scheme it’s fair in that the over populated servers stay stable, and those players that can get logged in won’t have to deal with a server crash.

Hopefully the server locks won’t stay forever, but have you considered joining your friends on a less populated server for the time being?


@Blizzard definitely need you guys to unlock skyfury now. will have to repost until it happens. Thank you <3

Yeah. None of the people who make that decision comes to this forum. Now, you can go ahead and post in this thread here:

But coming to CS to continually spam the forum isn’t going to get you what you want. No staff comes here save for the SFAs, and they have no bearing on the matter.


No, it isn’t exactly fair, but it is necessary to allow the folks on those realms to log in without experiencing huge queues or other stability issues.

Customer Support has no involvement in the management of realm population, Free Character Moves, and if the realm is locked or not. If you wish to provide feedback you’ll want o post in the Wrath of the Lich King General Discussion forum so they can see it.