Server Lag +2500ms World

I noticed that there is a +2500ms World lag and Customer Support page is not loading in game. Not able to port or load other zones for up to two minutes.

If you click on the edit icon on your original post, it should give you the option to move this to the Tech Support forum.

They have some instructions there too on running some diagnostics to see where abouts the connection between you and Blizz may be breaking down.

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i am having the same issue. Only blizzard sites are creating problem. Rest is all fine

Kel’Thuzad has been hanging for 10+ seconds at a time the last few days at random times.
I was beginning to wonder if it was DDoS, but I dunno. General chat has people asking things like “Server, are you ok?” after it finally comes back up. :rofl:

Hey there,

So we have not yet been seeing any widespread reports of such large delays in game (only three posts in 3 hours here) So if there is a larger issue its not yet being reported to us in any large volume.

Doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue, just that so far not many people are reporting it.

Since connection issues can have all sorts of root causes, the best we can do is try to narrow things down. The link posted by Perl for running diagnostics can help us get some information.

Also based on some data for your accounts I can say a couple of things.

  1. All three reports are mentioning different servers which means we have 1 report for each server. This is regardless of what in-game chat may be happening. If they aren’t reporting it, it’s not going to help us. So the best thing to do is make sure everyone experiencing issues is reporting it either via replies to this thread, submitting a ticket ingame or submitting a ticket via the support website.

  2. One report appears to be playing from Pakistan using a Cellular Internet connection. This is not supported by us for any PC gaming. The way data transfers work on a cellular connection leave it prone to excessive data loss and other latency issues.

Additionally we have seen a few reports over the last week from players in Pakistan reporting various connection, update and latency issues with our services, These issues are specific to connections coming out of Pakistan and are likely ISP specific or an issue with the backbone coming out of Pakistan. We are monitoring this but any solution will likely need to come from the ISP.

  1. One report is coming from a webhost proxy or possibly VPN. This is also an unsupported connection type. Technically they can work and we even sometimes recommend them as a temporary work around for troubleshooting purposes but if there is an issue and you are using a VPN our only troubleshooting recommendation will be to test using your normal ISP connection.

So right now as it stands we have 1 report of this from a supported connection.

Please gather the WinMTR diagnostics per the instructions linked in Perl’s post and either reply back to this thread pasting the results along with the character names/realms/zones affected, or, use the contact support button at the top of the page to create and submit a ticket with that information for further assistance.

If the issue is zone specific, can you park a character in that zone and switch off to a different character, that way we can try to directly access the character in the affected zone to try and confirm the issue.


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