Server is Down

Everyone started having trouble interacting and then everyone was logged out. I have multiple accounts and none can log in. They all now see no characters on the character selection screen, just a black screen. Any idea when this will be taken care of? I’m sure Blizzard is aware of this. Update: It’s apparently all US servers.

Yeah can’t even click my character to ‘enter world’

Lol same here. I call out of work today and the god damn servers are not up lol.

Ouch. >.<
What a waste of a sick day. Yeah, all of my accounts just see black screens on the selection screen, I have several. Everyone was pretty much stuck for about 10 minutes but still able to talk before it kicked everyone off.

Also had the day to level :frowning:

I am saddened by this situation. Make Server Live Again!

A classic WoW player’s nightmare. All day to play but unable to… I’m fiending already.