Server historical raid guild numbers

I hear is our server dead a lot in trade chat. Not that those people will read this, but here’s an interesting dive into raiding trends.

A guild is considered a raid guild if they have at least 1 guild kill (at least 7 members) normal or higher registered on wowprogress:


  • EP 30
  • BoD 44
  • Uldir 53


  • Antorus 70
  • ToS 70
  • EN/NH 101 (wowprogress combines both raids as the same tier)


  • HFC 87
  • Highmaul/BRF 118

MoP - before our servers became connected.

I doubt Blizz will read this thread, but we are due for another round of combining servers. It was asked at the Blizz Q&A and they said they would look at it. As a comparison Kirin Tor had 33 10-man raiding guilds at the end of MoP before we got combined.

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I expect we will be on the list.

I hope not…I moved to Steamwheedle because it’s less busy, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.