Server dead

anyone else get booted 10 mins ago? server lagged for about 5 mins and everyone on discord got booted and now we all have black charactor screens and the server login screen displays 0 charactors. we all get the message are you sure you want to create a charactor on a full server.

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yeah plenty of us there at the moment

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Hopefully this is the reason, i wont be mad if it is haha

Is all the oceanic servers still dead?
it keep showing that I have no characters

Yup still down!

This is just great… I waited in the queue for three hours and now…I dont even get to play lol
Thanks for replying

Reconnecting to just black screen and no characters is sad.

YEP! 6 of my mates are all trying to get back in and one got put into a 4500 que :frowning:

back in que, but I cant see any of my characters still

Hopefully Blizzard, will give us an idea on when it will be back up.

I’m stuck in SFK with 2 other guildies. Checked the guild tab and we are the only 3 in a zone. Seems like instant servers are fine its the world that is dead.

Waited in a 4k queue to see a black character select screen, thanks Blizz!

Last time this happened, my friend just sat on the character selection screen until it was fixed and it just popped back up. Hopefully that happens this time, because there’s about 4000 more people that wanna play than there is space.

yeah my friend is in a dungeon and only 2 of them are not lagging, mobs are respawning on them and they’re panicking

all realms down now for au

Will we see them comming online without reloging (just by looking at realms list)