Server activity - Alliance

I’m currently leveling Ally on Fairbanks and am tired of long queues and rough ganking nights (I don’t mind the occasional uphill battle but that server feels like suicide sometimes)

I’m thinking of this server or Kurinnaxx since they’re around ~5000 per ironforge-dot-pro past two weeks stats. Otherwise I’d go to Anathema and they’re around ~1200. My perfect realm would be around 3000 and relatively balanced but looks like we’re not seeing that anytime soon in US West.

Does this server ever feel overcrowded? Inflated economy? I know Alliance is outnumbered but is it awful? Doesn’t seem too bad numbers wise. If Ally is active enough I’m super down to contribute to the underdog side once I hit higher level.

Its not too bad. Its noticable but doesnt prevent someone from being able to play.

I’m enjoying the server as Ally. The Horde are pretty scummy on this server. Raid day can be tough because the Horde do outnumber the Ally so we have a rough time getting into the raids, as with what happened this week on Tuesday, like 100+ Horde camped entrance to BWL just to grief Ally, most of the griefers probably never even stepped foot in BWL itself. The economy is healthy, I sell my goods fast and for a good rate often.

I Have a different recollection of this Tuesday. We were getting reports of an entire ally guild standing as ghosts on the bwl entrance device ready to resurrect and sapper charge entire guilds to remove their world buffs and grief them.

Alliance were camping BB and ganking people trying to get Zandalar buff. It was a real struggle as Horde to get ready for raid last week and into BWL with buffs.

Oh you poor things.

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Alli is pretty bad on this server. I’d recommend going somewhere else.

It’s like 1:1.5 ally to horde according to