Serrated bones

Can Sub get that choice option too in DF and not just Sin. Its a cool spell but not many Sub want(will) use Sepsis as Sub even if its boosted and deal shadow dmg (If you take that build)


If Serrated Bones will not break stealth, why not.

It’s an ability that causes damage. Why wouldn’t it break stealth just like every other damage ability we have.

Just use it during Shadow Dance Window to have a stronger bleed.

Sepsis is cool don’t get me wrong. But its a bit weak for Sub I find

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You mean youd prefer an ability that helps sub cleave? Instead of just do ST???

On that note, bring back goremaws. Keep it as a CP generator but let it hit more targets at a time (why not hard cap it at 5?)

More that Sepsis is baked to go with its conduit. Big dmg first that drop each time it do dmg. But without it its kinda a weak spell by itself. Even flagelation is good but without its leggo to reduce its coodown will it be that good