Seriously, why can't we just get info from the Blizzard site?

(Thundertotem) #13

Well this is an old complaint…about as old as vanilla itself. At least he’s keeping it authentic #NoChanges

(Thundertotem) #14

He said a long while ago, he’s not playing classic.


So then, this begs the question, why is he still just whining all day long? To get rises out of people like me I would think. Touche.

(Thundertotem) #16

meh, just ignore him as noise. if and/or when Blizzard changes the classic forums to not allow non subscribers to post, we’ll just have to put up with their kind.

(Studmuffyn) #17

Well honestly if they made a post linking to all these interviews it would be something, and would be nice to have a WoW hosted QnA too, and/or a nice new meaty blue post.

(Thundertotem) #18

Would be nice, last Blue post about classic was about known bugs in the beta.

(Studmuffyn) #19

um thats got some chicken , not enough beef, i want MEATY!!!

Be great if testers could actually, um post in that forum ,lol.

I meant more about systems really, bug posts are great too though.

(Thundertotem) #20

I agree, it would be nice.

(Studmuffyn) #21

lol NOW you can post there, wait no, i cannot, interesting.


Its a beta. We haven’t gotten that sort of information from Blizzard since MoP.

(Studmuffyn) #23

We have gotten dev QnAs for quite awhile , as well as blog posts about things.

Really odd that I cannot post there, they should add that to bug list,lol.

(Thundertotem) #24

Are you talking about the classic beta forums? if I recall, you gotta be flagged for the beta to post there.

(Studmuffyn) #25

I am, which is why i find it odd, i got in on the first day too.


And we’ve received all of those sorts of things for classic? We have never gotten information on things like how queues are going etc, and beta forums are relying on players to post bugs etc just like normal. Things like layering etc, we’ve gotten posts about stuff previously, and we always get more information from media interviews than blue posts.

(Thundertotem) #27

hmm, I guess the forums are still bit hinky

(Studmuffyn) #28

yes actually we have gotten some blue posts here and there, but yes we do get more info from the interviews.


The real complaint seems to be the streamers. And except for telling us things they discover in Beta (which we get video for not just written posts), they don’t have any more knowledge of the inner workings than we do. Video if anything is more information than usual. Its a far more indepth information stream than anything we got in say Wrath beta.

I too would like a Layering blue post, but Classic has not suffered from a lack of blue posts or detailed explanations on various topics (of which there are a lot to go through).

(Studmuffyn) #30

plus we seem to get different interpretations on some subjects from each interview.


Yeah Ion said no changes to Classic after Naxx at all. Peter Dawson said everything’s on the table.

(Brokenwind) #32

Unbelievable that we have posters who are claiming that while information was given freely to streamers by Blizzard, it is somehow absurd to expect that same information to be accessible on the official WoW site.