Seriously, put the portals back

hmm thats odd. I was doing the starter quests on a disc priest this morning and i to had to take the dalaran crater portal…but it was there for me anyhow!

Maybe they still have some bugs or kinks to work out! Although i to am not so pleased about all the missing portals across the zones.

***I was on a level 98 if that matters at all


I can’t believe they had the gaul to ask us why we “needed” a Caverns of Time portal, when they HAD to know they were introducing a quest to take us to Tanaris on DAY ONE of the new patch.


I guarantee you the people who put that quest in chuckled as they said to each other, “we’re putting this Tanaris quest in, right next to where we’re taking the Tanaris portal out. lol”


They were meant to pop up specifically for those quests despite being taken out.

Or, at least, this is something they said would happen. Apparently, it’s not happening.


No the blue who posted that was very clear about saying “i believe it’s SUPPOSED to work this way.” He knew it wasn’t happening, at least not at launch. But it was a valid point they couldn’t argue against so they just implied it wasn’t and moved on.




Didn’t get a chance to verify being the key words in that quote.


I know Bornakk had the necessary caveat in his post about “didn’t get a chance to verify,” so they have their out. That’s really not the point of my post.

This is just more support for the “Blizzard did a dumb thing” argument.

Edit: updated OP


Why do I have to take a portal to Tanaris? I actually took the portal to Silithis and then flew to Tanaris… No issue at all. :smiley:

And that was only one of many ways I could have gotten there!


IMO, it’s not wise to take something away from people when it’s been a normal way of the game. I was fine before flying, but now that I can fly I would be furious if they took flying away. Same goes for the portals. I was fine before we had portals everywhere, but now that we have (had) them I’m furious they took them away. It just seems like bad decision making.

Also, this could be a sign that populations are so low that they want to funnel everyone into eachother. Afterall, Org is much busier now (although this could be because everyone is logging in for the new patch).


What looks cool? The empty spaces where the portals used to be? No one said to remove the new portal room. You may not have noticed, but several portals were totally removed from the game when they “reorganized” them.


Go to Shat and talk to the girl in the bar and she ports you to the Caverns of Time. They don’t need a portal for every place they send us to.


You need revered rep with the keepers of time for that. So it’s helpful for people’s mains, perhaps, but that’s about it.


There’s also an old, if somewhat rude insult that describes that kind of action.

I can see removing things that have been proven to be detrimental to the game. That’s perfectly fine. But usually in such cases, the removal is due to something being too easy to exploit.

Portals however are not exploits nor are they cheating. So, the removal of them is nothing short of “I don’t want you to play with my toys anymore so I’m taking them back!”

In short behaving like a petulant little spoiled brat.


OP you should change the title of this thread. You’re highlighting a pretty huge oversight that negatively impacts the Legion experience, and Im hoping that someone on the team will be alerted to this. Your current title makes it sound like this is a completely different type of thread.


Hahaha, I love reddit.


Or they were just quoting me when I said that the Wyrmrest Temple portal shows when you’re on the Legion Chromie intro quests and just assumed that the portals would appear for all quests that directed you to the removed portals.

lmfao what a disaster

So demon hunters and any of the new allied races are screwed unless they went back and farmed old content.


You’re right. It’s only a few more minutes. In fact lets just make it even more simple and remove all portals except the one going to Org. It’s only a few more minutes to fly from org after all.

Heck, lets get rid of that one, you can always pay a mage.