Sepulcher of the First Ones Tuning - May 17

Can you please stop releasing content that you have to massively nerf every week or two for months because you only gave a crap about the race to world first?


The content was very doable by non race to world first guilds, it just required planning and preparation prior to pulling the boss.

I wish people on here would stop trying to give their 2 cents on Mythic raid tuning. Quite bad.


Wishes people would stop trying to give their 2 cents on Mythic Raid tuning…

… after giving their 2 cents on Mythic Raid tuning.

I really wish people would not be morons on the WoW Forums. Is it wish time? Is that what time it is? lol

can’t wait to prog jailer next week just for it to get gutted after we spend 250+ wipes on it lets gooooooooo

we had Halondrus to like 5% before the nerf. we were about 250 pulls deep ready to let out the biggest nerd screams when we killed it on our next raid night

then they completely gutted it and made it easier than Heroic and it was the most depressing thing i’ve ever experienced in my 10+ years raiding in this game

It’s kind of wild how overtuned Anduin still feels to this day in Normal compared to any boss after him.

His DPS checks are still harder than Rygelon, which is literally a DPS check boss. His healing requirements are higher than Lords of Dread and Jailer, and he has more instant raid-wipe / one-shot mechanics than either of those fights.

Heroic evens this out slightly (Anduin is still a monster but the others get a bit stronger), but it’s still true.

Yes because I’ve literally killed the bosses listed outside of Jailer which we are progging on. People on here barely push normal on average.

This is the worst thing, and I think you’re right. in 2~ weeks they will do around round of giga nerfs.

Rygelon mechanics are fine for heroic.

I imagine a crew of grumbling dredgers in tool belts, mops and brooms moving through the rooms constantly pissed off at adventurers for messing the place up every week.