Sepulcher of the First Ones - Lihuvim Raid Damage Adjustments

Greetings! I hope you’re all having a good time exploring the Sepulcher of the First Ones!

We wanted to let you all know in advance about some upcoming changes to the Lihuvim encounter, as we have identified an issue that caused Lihuvim to do significantly less raid damage than expected on all difficulties. While we typically do not increase the difficulty of encounters after release, we do sometimes intervene to address cases where a fight would otherwise be much less engaging than intended.

We believe intervention is warranted in this case, and so with weekly resets we will be applying a number of changes intended to increase raid damage during the Lihuvim encounter.

We’ll have detailed notes to share next week, but the biggest change will be to the Cosmic damage reduction provided by Protoform Disalignment, which was incorrectly reducing damage taken by 90%. This value will be much lower next week, particularly on Heroic difficulty. We may also make small adjustments to some of Lihuvim’s other abilities to ensure raid damage ends up in a healthy place.

Keep an eye out for the full details next week, and thank you for your patience!


Considering you’ve been spending this week reducing the difficulty of every other encounter in your raid, maybe you should make sure you don’t increase this one to the point where it’s harder than it needs to be. :slight_smile:


Cool, boss felt too easy after heroic Pantheon.

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Tuning is just off in general in the raid…across all difficulties.
I get this is going to be a long tier and there may be a desire to drag it out. I get that there’s knowledge of 2nd legendaries and set bonuses, but if you aren’t killing the bosses that drop tier…
We ran 24 the other night and got 2 pieces of tier. Takes 2/4. Is the expectation people will just craft at week 8?
Good luck maintaining interest for 8 weeks if difficulties groups are used to are stalling or forcing lower running. Especially if + feels like a better alternative.
Little disappointed in tier honestly. After being gone for a while, it’s return sees more “nerf” to set bonus than “buff”. Last real patch of the expac, should be going out feeling powerful, not struggling as if you just got started.
Just my initial impression on the first week. Hoping I’m wrong.

  • Massive nerf to Fury Warriors, check.

  • “Balancing” of raid bosses prior to the majority of players being able to use at least 2p , check.

  • Limiting of stuff to do in the new zone because the bi-weekly has been made weekly, check.

What else do you need to tick off on your “How to piss non mega-committed players off” list, Blizz?


Ah, so because players like yourself are already rocking heroic and finding it too easy, the rest of us should suffer?

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Have you actually done the fight? There is absolutely zero damage to heal at the moment. You can 2 heal a 30 man raid on that fight.


No, I haven’t actually. But I’m very surprised that people are being so “make it harder!” given what else has been thrown around the forums.

Just to be extra clear, this probably isn’t the only change we’ll be making to the raid with weekly resets, but it is an unusual case so we wanted to provide additional notice and insight.

We are keeping an eye on feedback and will continue to make adjustments to any bosses that feel overly difficult for their place in the raid.


Don’t trust Asmongold and his pawns…he went into Normal Sepulchur, performed abysmally, and still killed a few bosses on the first night. He was frustrated because he got embarassed in normal and wanted to stream more bosses, and turned it into “WoW bad, final fantasy good”.

Normal mode should offer the average player a decent progression warranting difficulty that people can progress for a few weeks, not just blast through on day 1.


Final fantasy shows you how casual raiding should be. WoW does not support casual players in raids and it’s why the participation isn’t great.

I can’t believe they’re buffing a boss on normal difficulties. I can understand heroic progress mythic, but leave normal alone

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So it’s a known issue that casuals are uniformly completing the raid on normal on first attempt? It sounds like that’s what you’re seeing.

You absolute morons. Neither of you are healers, one even admitting not having done the fight.

There is literally NOTHING to heal. Healers can basically AFK or you could run 2 healers for a 25 person raid.

This is a good change because it makes the fight better. Quit being so quick to cry about everything.


Having flashbacks to the last minute mage tower changes that turned it from a challenge for the average player to a challenge to the best players.

That’s what they said about changes to the mage tower that made it a lot harder.

Too bad they couldn’t have bothered to test this properly before release. Multi-dollar company.

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Again, someone who hasn’t done the fight. If you had done it, you would know from your healers complaining that there’s no damage going out.

People who haven’t done the fight please stop posting.

Oh please there’s a very clear issue with the boss where there’s no damage. That’s bad design.

Also how can you possibly be complaining that they are actually bothering to tune and make the raid and bosses better?

You haven’t done the fight, clearly. The boss will still be a joke. But at least healers will now get to press their buttons.

When a fight has healers AFKing, that’s bad design. They are fixing it. This is a good change, now go spend your time complaining about something that matters.

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The mage tower PTR was done like literally every raid PTR.

It’s tuned easier so people can actually get through it so they can bug test.

There wasn’t a hidden “gotcha” on tuning, it was how they normally do PTRs

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It’s bad design that should have been dealt with before release. Why are you supporting the fact that they either didn’t test or knew it was wrong but decided to spring changes after it was released?

“Better”. A lot of people have different ideas about what"better" us. Some will say both LFR and normal should be as hard as heroic, because those people will only learn if they die horribly over and over again.

This was badly bungled, a clear sign of incompetence. But yeah, continue to support changes that should have been made in the beta stage coming when it’s live.

Here we go again. What you’re saying is that people who were enticed to come back to the game to do the mage tower were never actually intended to do it. They should have known they would never have been permitted to complete it, and blizzard had to make changes to make sure it was much harder to complete than it was on the PTR and during Legion.

There sure was. Or was it a sting operation intended to ban casuals, who finding they would not be able to complete it, might buy carries? While the elite players who make $100 grand or more that month got to keep their gold without even a slap on the wrist?

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You can basically ignore anyone who says things like ‘multi-dollar company’ because its clear they’re in it just to complain. It is never an argument, its a lazy overused meme.

He can’t actually give any argument about this specific fix, rather just throws some random line about Mage Tower as if there’s any correlation.

Hi all I would like to get in a raid group atm, anyone going? I have a 210 BDK or a bunch of hunters, most 250+. Also this character but I stink on ice at raid healing.

They will never be 100% on the mark and its completely unrealistic to expect perfect tuning first time around. There’s so many variables at play.

Also I doubt you were even on PTR raid testing helping them get data.

You are spouting nonsense. This makes 0 sense and completely unrelated.

How about we talk about this specific boss? Because clearly you haven’t done it and have no idea what this change actually means.

Also are you seriously arguing that they shouldn’t make changes on live because ‘it should have been done in beta.’ How idiotic is this.

You are a moron. You can’t make a single comment related to this change or this boss, because you are ignorant on the matter. You just want to cry, and shout ‘muh billion dollar company’ nonsense.

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